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  • Mariana Lanegra 2 years ago

    Thankyou for your powerful insights. I am a completely different person to
    how I was at the beginning of this year. I feel confident in my approach
    towards improving my life. Experience has created opportunity for change. I
    feel that I am able to know who I want in my life now more intuitively than
    ever before. Thank you from Mariana in Sydney Australia.

  • Kenneth Powers 2 years ago

    Wow so interesting Mr.Hussy. A lot of what your saying is really good- but
    even more then loving your self, Confidence comes from someone else loving
    you more, someone who can love you even when you mess up and fail, even
    when your unlovable t- Someone who will always love you because he made
    you. Jesus That’s where true core confidence comes from.

  • Annie M 2 years ago

    great video

  • ChistinaDeMesa 2 years ago

    BRAVO MATT! I can not agree more on that last one ‘self-love’
    absofreakinglutely! hahaha! It’s self-love awareness day :)

  • Amani Ninii 2 years ago

    you are a life saver bro thank you so much

  • 1xXxIceGirlxXx1 2 years ago

    Matt you are an amazing person . You truly are . I just found your videos
    by complete chance and I’m hooked! You’re giving the advices that i have
    always been looking for . Thank you thank you from the deep core of my
    heart . <3 

  • LaceFX 2 years ago

    When he asked what do you think the core level is….I genuinely had no
    idea. Wow.

  • roxannelibra 2 years ago

    You have 52 muscles in your face.

  • Jessica Honeywell 2 years ago

    This is great confidence boosting advice Matthew! This is what women need
    to hear. 

  • O. Tella 2 years ago

    right on time…self-worth 2014

  • Nga TRUONG 2 years ago

    the only reason why im confident is bc im artistic, im a good athlete, im a
    very smart person, and my amazing friends. if you took my advanced classes
    and my sports out my body would not be ideal to me and my brian would not
    be ideal in my standards. everyone thinks im so bold and confident but…i
    feel like if you took the things listed out, i would be nothing. but thats
    ok bc thats what makes me me and im REAL.

  • Riya S 2 years ago

    And also have to agree that the third level , the core of yourself got me
    all teary eyed. A big help! Thank you! Loads of respect and love all the
    way from India ! 🙂 :)

  • Camille Garcia 2 years ago

    Matt your so freaking amazing.. The ( chore of who you really are? ) wow
    that brought tears.. something I have to work on deeply.. Thank you my
    friend, your amazing!!

  • Ilona Simonfi 2 years ago

    Great…thanks, Matt.

  • Vero V 2 years ago

    Thank you Matthew for sharing these videos, its really helped me look at
    myself deeper

  • Ursu Ludmila 2 years ago

    thank you, Mathew. This answers all my questions.Thank you thank you

  • groove3111 2 years ago

    blessed be u by the Lord, reason i love myself is, cos i trust the lord,
    love him, accepted him as my savior thank him for very many good things he
    has done for me and all. for his blessings

  • Loriana Firth 2 years ago

    Matt, thank you so much for the amazing video, but I have a question if
    that is ok. I wrote down the list of things that I like about myself and
    mid way through the list I kept remembering more and more things i like
    about myself and I realized that I really do love myself because I am me
    and there is no one else that is exactly the same as me entirely. My
    question is what if you do love yourself, but you worry if other people
    will love you or not? How do I not place so much emphasis on if other
    people will accept me or not?.

  • tamba tamba 2 years ago

    Watching this has made me feel so good, thank you Matt, you are wonderful! 

  • Shell B 2 years ago

    This is amazing advice – but I still feel I’m missing something…

  • CaliDreamer21 2 years ago


  • Riya S 2 years ago

    Wow..I cant tell you how much you have moved me…A geniune THANK U to you.
    :’) This just made me realise how important and how deep rooted confidence
    in a person is. And what miracles it can do to people. Absolutely stunning.
    Thank you again! 🙂 🙂 🙂 

  • Catfood19143 2 years ago

    dude you’re awesome

  • Stephanie Jo 2 years ago

    Yeeeehaaaa Lets take on the world with a big smile on our faces! I find
    that when I get into bed at night if i’ve had a rough day, the best thing I
    can do is to smile to myself and sometimes even laugh to myself, at first I
    felt silly, but now it really makes me happy to know that I can make myself
    smile externally and internally! You Give Great Advice by the way!

  • Hina HUNDT 2 years ago

    Woow !!! I’ve been watching your videos for a few days now, and comparing
    what you’re saying, with my all personnal experiences, and it strikes me
    how real & true it’s all about. Awesome job Matt; thanks 🙂

  • Ericka Garrett 2 years ago


  • Lauren R 2 years ago

    Seriously, that just made my life! Haha, there’s something about letting
    yourself write those things down that you love about yourself, that is so
    empowering. It’s like breaking down a barrier of what others think, because
    no matter what they might say or think, you know for yourself that you are
    great at certain things and you’re an awesome person with many talents
    (even though they ca be small). Sorry that this was long and slightly
    cliche! But it’s so true! Thanks Matt!

  • Katie Scanlan 2 years ago

    I feel so calm after watching that. Really amazing video. Thank you Matt!!

  • sookierory 2 years ago

    I never think in that way but now seeing this i realize that i have so many
    thing that make me happy. Is very hard after lose yourself to rebuild all
    again, but necessary because in the end all we have is ourself.

  • Inneke Swart 2 years ago

    i cried when he started talking about the core level

  • jill stephens 2 years ago

    Whip cream on a turd…eeew bahahahaha

  • DaSha Woodson 2 years ago

    This guys energy is enough to pull me out of a rut. He really knows how to
    connect with people. I felt like I was right there with him.

  • ilikemonkeys 2 years ago