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  • Blazer 3 years ago

    A good trick to is for attractive body language is: imagine there is a
    string at the top of your head pulling you up and let the body align after
    that. If you want to hold your hands in your pockets, make sure that the
    shoulders are not fallen forward, pull them back a bit.

  • lekristajojo 3 years ago

    There should be an experiment on this…a twin…one with make up and all
    that but with little confidence and the other twin without all that
    beautifying factor but has a lot of confidence and see who gets the guy.
    I’d love to see that.

  • Adriana Corona Avalos 3 years ago

    I should’ve watched this video before I went on my last date 🙁 It would’ve
    help me make that date a lot better. I don’t even remember the color of his
    eyes it was really that bad and I so nervous he’s so tall and muscular that
    it made a bit difficult for me to feel comfortable. I want to go on a
    second date but I don’t feel like I have a chance anymore :(

  • Cupid Player 3 years ago


  • Martha Cardenas 3 years ago

    Body language essential I’m our everyday life. V. Good advice

  • Lantu Mia 3 years ago

    Easy Girl System explains way better ways to pick up women and obtain their
    telephone numbers. Every little thing I learned, I learned from Easy Girl
    System� Google it and see if they can help you.

  • Foreverfangurl8 3 years ago

    Is it dumb i do most of this stuff naturally?

  • harasllekrad 3 years ago

    um.. make a vid. On how I can get you LOL

  • trina edith 3 years ago

    haha i see what you did in 1:18 – 1:30. point taken though

  • jburckhardt 3 years ago

    yeahhhh, i love that last tip, it’s so true when we want to be at the same
    pace of the guy energy, BUT i have learned not to 😀 and that makes me
    happy even though he goes all boring

  • megan passafiume 3 years ago

    I hope this works I’m going to try it!!!

  • Joanna Czyz 3 years ago

    why pink in the background?!

  • Chantsway 3 years ago

    i think i am in love with you Matt:)))

  • Tina Guan 3 years ago

    “overly sexual”.. LOL!

  • Celina Gallegos 3 years ago

    ‘We’re terrified of you people’ lol…as are we….as are we.

  • iqraaminxx 3 years ago

    Lol even though i have the same accent then you i love listening to you
    talk weird right??? 😀

  • Nina Eriksson 3 years ago

    Of course every woman that watches this is getting interested in Matthew.
    He´s a proffesional dater. Would never dare to date him ….. Would
    problably end up in a unlucky romance from my side haha (; But thanks for
    all the advice its helpful

  • insha khan 3 years ago

    Thankyou 🙂

  • crsrajonline 3 years ago

    Wonderful video clip. I’m here because my best friend without warning
    turned extraordinary with girls. He began getting women magically. I found
    myself astounded. He pretended he didn’t notice. He then told me when he
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    stunner… Lucky dick! Where are the most useful videos on Youtube?

  • natmil1 3 years ago

    When he went from the “bad body language” to the “good body-language” he
    instantly became sexier.

  • 3 years ago

    Get Matthew’s online home-study programme ‘The Man Myth: How to Get the
    Guy!” just $29 See link above –Where to go to meet the best men –How to
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  • mannelshah 3 years ago

    thank you <3

  • Linda Zawin 3 years ago

    You are giving me the *killer eye-contact*….

  • shuls152 3 years ago

    ´dont trust me, try them´ hahahahah

  • Gracie Nono 3 years ago

    You should be a model

  • shannon5166 3 years ago

    does anyone else die a little when he bites his lip at the end of his
    videos? no? ok.

  • mssydney1987 3 years ago


  • NotSorry4U 3 years ago


  • JoJo Farah 3 years ago

    very helpful tips ,,, & i really enjoied my time 🙂

  • Dina Merke 3 years ago

    Terrified of you people xD

  • almaalmaalma96 3 years ago

    good advices, but it’s important to not lose yourself in all these tips,
    and to be yourself

  • jill stephens 3 years ago

    I actually met Matt and asked to work with him talk about nerves but once
    he gave me his attention I was completely at ease. So nice to be around a
    guy who puts you in that state. Funnier he was wired and I’m sure he would
    kill me if he knew I was revealing this but it’s so funny to think about.
    Also remember he has great advice but he’s not perfect and I’m pretty sure
    he would want you to know that. If this is a struggle keep practicing you
    will get it:)