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Where to find everything! The book: Amazon: BarnesAndNoble: Matthew Hussey…



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  • bridgeher57 4 years ago

    I think you both make a cute couple (: hes so cute and you are gorgeous

  • MegaDiamondmine 4 years ago


  • Trace Rollins 4 years ago

    Ladies..What was that again about looks not being that

  • nstruebluey39 4 years ago

    I’m loving his accent, + he’s so positive.

  • nurberxo 4 years ago

    That he is! And I can say this: since he and I connected for this video, all my interactions with him make it hard as hell not to be crazy about him!! He is grateful, kind, funny, personable….a master at making people feel good! We need more Matthews on this earth!! xo

  • nurberxo 4 years ago

    I love this!! The book is fantastic and it makes me happy to hear that so many people are enjoying it!! xo

  • ncheban 4 years ago

    As soon as I saw this video, I went out and got the book. And it is the best relationship book I have ever read in my life! I have a bunch of friends hooked on it as well. It came into my life at the perfect time. There were so many things I was doing wrong! So thank you for taking the time to make this and help all the ladies out there. Truly truly a great book.

  • Waranle84 4 years ago


  • Deb Fordyce 4 years ago

    🙂 great video – I enjoyed EVERY moment.

  • purpleparaiso 4 years ago

    Nur I have entered the Matthew Hussey black hole! After watching your video I became so inspired by his approach on dating that I went and picked up his book. I have finished the book and have watched every one of his videos on the internet. I feel so empowered now! i just wanted to tell you THANK YOU!

  • DUKE WILSON 4 years ago

    what u all saying i am all ears

  • ErayQforgetU 4 years ago

    what to white men have to do for Indian women to be attracted to them?

  • TheEljohara 4 years ago

    Can you do more videos regard Robert Greene’s books, I love them too 🙂 Btw you are gorgeous!

  • trisha60 4 years ago

    u are nearly at 80000 subs yey!, im aiming for 10,000 at the moment, ive just hit 8000! and im soo excited! X HOPE TO INSPIRE AS MUCH AS U DO ONE DAY! XXX

  • BREEZY6623 4 years ago

    No I clicked in the video because I wanted to have sex with you

  • sxd29 4 years ago

    What a brilliant video Nur. Love how put-together you were! The guy you’ll finally pick is going to be a very lucky man! He will get a beautiful and mature woman! Your maturity amazes me – it is more than most 40yr olds these days, esp ones doing YT videos!!!! Keep on going girl, we are all rooting for you.

  • nurberxo 4 years ago

    Can’t think of a better reason than that! 😉

  • secret4697 4 years ago

    i just clik on the vid cuz Matthew Hussey

  • Jen Stone 4 years ago

    I cannot tell you how good it is to see you beaming and grinning in this video.

  • laurenwhit279 4 years ago

    Yeah, that’s true. At least he didn’t make me do everything! It’s cute that you married your best friend. 🙂 My husband and I went to high school together but he was a senior when I was a freshman so we didn’t really know each other until college. His best friend and my best friend were dating and once I found out that he wasn’t dating anyone, I flirted with him until he asked me out. Haha.

  • Karen vee 4 years ago

    I wish I could marry him. Seriously. lol

  • angldrps 4 years ago

    best of luck with your upcoming date. have fun!

  • lorri1984 4 years ago

    Matthew Hussey used to write articles for a very popular men’s website (don’t worry, it’s not THAT kind of website!) that I work for. He’s a super-sweet guy!

  • luisa l 4 years ago

    you speak so intelligent.

  • mbb03f 4 years ago

    I dont like his advice. Maybe. it is goof for a young girl with no experience. Not for a women who has been throught different failied relationships. This guy needs to increase his game and advice to real women.

  • Shelly Block 4 years ago

    lol @ your Arab that did not help- I am Syrian and get the question WHAT ARE YOU?.. I always say human,lol what are you?… then my husband gets upset. Once that got me stuck in a green room in Canada for 1/2 hr with a Japanese man who could not speak English! (god that was a trip). So now I try to be a good girl..I am older so I give good relationship advice- but nobody listens to me lol…let sign off you YOUR Fabulous! I love how you care for others. Many many many blessings x shelly

  • fridaynightfashions 4 years ago

    Nur and Matthew should date 🙂 Just saying!

  • 3434dedqw 4 years ago

    Love your eyeshadow. Good video.

  • ridaiqb92 4 years ago

    Also is this book on iTunes?

  • ridaiqb92 4 years ago

    Nur, I’m honored that you talked about this you both covered most of my questions, but I need advice, I can’t ask my family or friend because it’s just the part of my culture I won’t give out my history here cos then it’ll just be open but if I can can I get your email so I can talk to you since I don’t have Facebook or twitter or any other social media 🙂 it would be and honor. Thanks love your work keep it up

  • MakeupbySandie 4 years ago

    Nur, this is the first time I have ever heard of him. I watched one video and thought to myself… it makes sense… he makes sense! Thanks love for telling those of us about him. I need all the advice I can get!

  • orangeyumpop 4 years ago

    Nurb!!!! Your videos are amazing. If i were you i would not edit out your ramble. I enjoy your ramble if that makes any sense.

  • LilBabe074 4 years ago

    I couldn’t agree more with you. It takes one heart break to become skeptical.

  • mbb03f 4 years ago

    When he says the women should be doing th choosing that it a little hard. Spme women dont have the time or want to put themselves outthere so a man can court here. I mean those men are rare anyways. Esp women who have been hurt. I mean not everyone is 18 yrs old w no experience. Relationships lead to broken hearts and meeting men again is not easy at all. To trust after being lied to or cheated on it almost impossible.

  • kparm23 4 years ago

    Lolz at the arab thing. Im not arab but i totally get what you mean 🙂

  • C Sasani 4 years ago

    Love this guy and his advice (as I do yours!)

  • C Sasani 4 years ago

    Omg you should do an in person interview!

  • MissYanYiBeautynLife 4 years ago

    you’re absolutely amazing hun! your down to earth and absolutely stunning!! thank you for this video! i think you have helped many girls out there that needed this 🙂

  • shody321 4 years ago

    one of the biggest lessons ive ever learnt about relationships is NEVER communicate via text!!! (can be misinterpreted in so many ways!)

  • 43xoxo2 4 years ago

    Matthew is great!!! Love his channel too!!!

  • Myra Candyup 4 years ago

    This video is truly helpful,Thank you very much Nur <3

  • Rebeca Lazar 4 years ago

    So cute you totally have a crush on Matt;) lol love this vid!

  • Gio Gi 4 years ago

    excellent video

  • El Rani 4 years ago

    This guys British…. So am I, I’ve not heard about him before but thank you, this was so insightful xxx thank u

  • nurberxo 4 years ago

    I’m not “so great” at relationships (said in the video I have a lot to learn!). I’ve only had one serious, long-term relationship. That ended about a year ago and I haven’t prioritized a relationship since then. Truly, candidly, I’m not in a relationship because I didn’t want to be in one. I wanted to BREATHE after the last one without bringing baggage to the next. Now I’m kind of indifferent. I have a date next Wednesday. Stay tuned 😉

  • TheVelvetraindrop 4 years ago

    i sent you a private msg

  • elle rye 4 years ago

    Just bought the book … Love your honesty and sincerity in each and every video. Can’t wait for more of your videos

  • jenGeeJushawshee 4 years ago

    That sounds great, but if you’re so great at relationships, what seems to be your sticking point in all your longterm relationships?
    Was it the same in all of them (or essentially), or were they totally different issues in LTRs that didn’t last?