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Sorry I didn't get to everyone's questions. We'll do this again!




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  • Ginny McQueen 2 years ago
  • cryhog 2 years ago

    Thirty something here! xD

  • Gregory Sturtz 2 years ago

    Uh…I’d come up to you in a heartbeat to say hi, you’re
    beautiful….Uh….And you totally look amazing in Twoface lighting. ;)

  • Carlos Aguirre 2 years ago

    Not really bitter, just stating facts. I think you’ll be surprised if you
    look at women’s dating profiles how many of them mention a man’s height and
    how it is non-negotiable. Maybe I’m just looking at the wrong dating
    sites(?). I’m 5’3″ by the way. So, when I say I am short, I mean I AM
    SHORT! I am kind of playing the violin for myself a little but believe me,
    when a factor you have no control over is something that is a major
    stumbling block to your love life it can be very aggravating. 🙂 Of all
    the girls that have told me over the years that I’m a nice guy and that
    sort of thing doesn’t matter I have dated none of them. Just saying.
    Peace! :)

  • randominternetguy13 2 years ago

    Don’t worry about the jerks. They’re just jelly because you’re awesome :)

  • Evening Buzz 2 years ago

    She said dicks. hehehehehehe

  • MissHakuHaku 2 years ago

    Oh my God your dating advice is da best. As a girl i agree with everything
    except your opinion on ‘playing games’
    I love playing games. Going straight for it can take the fun away. Even tho
    I’d be flattered by somebody just going up to me and telling me I’m
    attractive :3
    PS love u and your hair is amazing <3

  • Devin Hohenheim 2 years ago

    I am turning 32 in May so I would love the stink out of that video! Thank
    you do much for uploading! (★^ー^★)

  • Osagie Guobadia 2 years ago

    Not ready for a real date yet?, i don’t have a girlfriend for today but
    this last girlfriend in my high school is really becoming fat and she is
    black, but she graduated already now.

  • TheBlommel76 2 years ago

    Other guys may refer to the guy being whipped, so he may be concerned with
    what his friends think, like if he’s hanging out with them less. 

  • DonkeyVoteGirl 2 years ago

    Honesty and communication are really the best things for relationships-
    romantic or otherwise. You can’t MAKE someone feel things just because you
    want them to. Be honest with how you feel and what you want and accept it
    if other people feel differently.

  • morko1984 2 years ago

    I can relate to the next video, waiting for it.

  • ShadowGammaD 2 years ago

    have dated a girl taller then me before lol (I’m 5’7 she was like 6ft). she
    actually approached me at a bar when was dancing with my friends. usually
    do it that way at bars myself. just have fun etc with people, people will
    see that having fun/if they like what they see they will approach on own.
    have had happen many times. practicing some random neat dance moves can
    help lol, gained me free booze from bands before that way for dancing to
    their songs&them being like *THAT GUY, GIVE HIM SOME OF MY FREE BOOZE/BOOZE
    FROM TAB*/introducing themselves to me lol.

  • Charles Felts 2 years ago

    Sound advice. And hey, I’m in my mid-30s now. Just not dating. =)