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Just a few dating tips from one flawed INFJ to the rest of the world.



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  • Jeremy Santana 3 years ago

    You come off as ENFJ. Look into the Socionics intertype theory which is
    about the relationships between the types. So an ESTJ is the conflictor to
    the INFJ so it is literally impossible for ESTJ’s and INFJ’s to have a

  • pacrii 3 years ago

    So would you advise against going on a date and talking about kids,
    finances, religion and politics before the entree?

  • ShiroxYume 3 years ago

    Hahaha omg you’re so adorable, I really feel like I’m looking at my
    reflection in terms of the way I talk and my thought processes like
    explaining this and that, and providing disclaimers and the reasons behind
    the disclaimers and then slightly digressing and going back to topic
    ANYWAY~ hahaha! I’m an INFJ too ^^

  • Sandore Eyo07 3 years ago

    Interesting advices – but above all, feel well! I guess it’s that time of
    the year, go get some Vitamin C, and some chicken soup or some
    tea. little rest can help too, so stay healthy people need you here. (-:

  • Tyler Harvey 3 years ago

    Lover this video! 😀 Glad you decided to upload it <3

  • Rasool Maleki 3 years ago