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Just a few tips to hopefully improve your dating game. Instagram – Twitter – Facebook – …



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  • MultiMufn 3 years ago

    1:59 WTF!!! 😀 omg I can’t believe it.

  • ben painter 3 years ago

    What a shit story

  • Sebastian Velasco 3 years ago

    Dude… You really are a fucking prick. Just looking at you makes me want
    to punch in the face

  • Jiimmys187 3 years ago


  • GraverFILMS 3 years ago

    I bet we’re gonna see some news story about a guy who got rejected then
    tried to shove a golf club up someones ass…. 

  • Coops4tw 3 years ago

    Is it weird if I actually find this useful?

  • SocialSteeze 3 years ago

    “Oi dickhead, you’re a cunt!” hahaha

  • MegaLaxMax 3 years ago

    Cheers Adrian this was helpful.

  • Jase Wolf 3 years ago

    So without all the $*** talk and for a more “child friendly” method of
    explaining, this is basically what he’s saying in 10 easy steps xD

    Step 1) call them or ask them in person not on the Internet
    Step 2) take chances
    Step 3) do not let nasty comments go to heart
    Step 4) prepare for the date
    Step 5) don’t go on the date if you’re ill
    Step 6) don’t stress
    Step 7) stay honest
    Step 8) don’t be negative
    Step 9) don’t talk about the past, especially past relationships
    Step 10) don’t rush the date to go home to get in each other’s underwear.

  • skreb95 3 years ago

    “there is a naked chick sleeping beside me and there is just shit
    everywhere” hahahah :D

  • TheCoolKidzOTB 3 years ago

    alot of people hate the almight AVO… it’s disappoint, cuz seriously, who
    hates a guy that walks around naked in public and trys to get numbers.
    Thats right, i bet you changed you opinion now

  • ChillaxDudezz 3 years ago

    Yay!!! Time to go on a date :D

  • Xvc Winzz 3 years ago


  • gigyblellow 3 years ago

    omg outro plz!! it seems its a mix of the twist and something ive been
    looking for for a long time.

  • ThePhoenixFlame 3 years ago

    straight up the ass it goes! :’)

  • Onatah Rude 3 years ago

    Hahaha is the shit story real? Lol and great tips hahaha

  • Størm 3 years ago

    hue hue hue.

  • Isnalc clansi 3 years ago

    Hahahaha!!!! So funny story! we’ll heed your advice :)

  • ryan pound 3 years ago

    Yo Adrian COuld you give us a shout in your next video for twitter

  • David Abrahami 3 years ago

    Holly shit Adrian!! you killed me hahahhahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


  • Sarah Fitzgerald 3 years ago

    I pray that is not a true story.

  • Anthony Aravanis 3 years ago

    Your awesome Adrian!!

  • B3ASTBOY31 3 years ago

    Omg adrian these videos are really funny XD

  • Mistr Klobasa 3 years ago

    your new channel is a disappointment for me, i loved your old videos. Go
    out there and sing and dance for girls.

  • allypezz 3 years ago

    I have common sense so this taught me nothing. Like your attitude though,
    bet you get a lot of girls

  • Ralph Mojica 3 years ago

    I know you’ve learned a lot about rsd and you are just trying to keep this
    shit mainstream good job making that $$

  • NSAHave MyBackup 3 years ago

    No gulag for you Adrian!

  • Pit camzo 3 years ago

    Lol that part when u said I think I shit your self lol XD thx for the other
    advice tho

  • TheArauraPhoenix 3 years ago

    lmfao! awsome

  • Subz Ali 3 years ago

    Well this was helpful 

  • Taylor Leo 3 years ago

    I am actually happy that Adrian thinks thats its not all about banging the
    girl so quickly… and to give them time but my god, u are one hot person
    AdrO. Haters, DON DIS XD