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Grace takes your Q&A on dating. Great advice on this important topic, as well as your scrabble game. Click here to check out the Subway Fresh Artists Filmmak…



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  • Polacoimigrant 3 years ago

    do more videos with Oli White

  • BeautyWithBeccaX3 3 years ago

    Ahhhh I love your videos so much. I just posted an awesome coachella
    inspired DIY fringe beaded bikini. You should definitely check it out!

  • Rockguitarnow 3 years ago

    Who agrees that DailyGrace is one of the most beautiful women on the

  • dailygrace 3 years ago
  • liam manuel 3 years ago

    how i talk to girls? WEED IS NOT WORKING> !@#@# SWag

  • Ethan Smith 3 years ago

    I want you. 

  • Ghost8386 3 years ago

    Damn Grace looking hot with those glasses and retro look.

  • spacecadet28 3 years ago

    women don’t respect men they can beat in scrabble.

  • Jesus Christ 3 years ago

    hate this channel sub to her new one

  • Tarryn D 3 years ago

    IMPORTANT: if any of you are wondering why these videos are not as good as
    her old ones? she has a new channel, just type in grace helbig!

  • Psy sy 3 years ago

    more more more

  • SharkAcademy 3 years ago

    Damn, you look so sexy in that outfit. I can think of so many role playing
    scenarios we could do. Jealous of your bf right now.

  • samantha 3 years ago

    Dating advice: don’t.

  • Cecilia Dorris 3 years ago

    chat with me here #NT6OsNjmlpI (click on the hashtag)

  • Julios Saoto 3 years ago

    I hope everyone knows that these are her old videos and her newer ones are
    on its grace

  • Hahaha awesome!

  • phillip wadsworth 3 years ago

    dam you got old,but your hotter now

  • MrJotz 3 years ago

    Fetus face Grace is adorable.

  • Zack Zakibe 3 years ago

    Hey grace fans! I make videos just like grace, but I just started out.
    Could you guys help me out and tell me what you think about my videos?
    You’re all awesome!

  • PunfsFN 3 years ago

    with that outfit you looked like a porn video teacher

  • cgalla0307 3 years ago

    why has the quality of these videos gone down so much?

  • twofunnybrains 3 years ago

    Thanks for the advice! Just what we needed! lol

  • Jose Montanez 3 years ago

    No matter how you look Grace you still look beautiful :)

  • Eric Robinson 3 years ago

    Lol This reminds me of the Ghost Busters commercials they make in Ghost
    Busters II.

  • THEGREYGH0ST 3 years ago

    LoL my little Harley Quinn ♥♥♥ pigtails

  • sweet dreams 3 years ago

    WOW WTF has happened to this channel?? whats up with this bullshit?? whats
    up with the low quality videos + no fun at all WTF, I remember last 1-2
    years ago I couldnt wait to watch a new daily grace video but then her
    channel changed A LOT

  • Aimee Woods 3 years ago

    YOURE AWSOME!!!!!!

  • bfdfdnnbcgdngdhgdfgs 3 years ago

    mě se v noci zdálo vo těch culíkách ;)

  • sillypuffer 3 years ago

    Thanks for the advice Grace now I’m ready to start dating :)

  • DonGuerrazzi 3 years ago

    why is her camera terrible? Her vids used to be so much clearer

  • hamradio Ham 3 years ago

    are these all re-uploads from the old channel ?

  • Theblizzardking 3 years ago

    This girl is getting less and less funny daily. UNSUBSCRIBED. 

  • Cecilia Dorris 3 years ago

    what do you think this video compare to the video on this hashtag

  • maytheoddsbe everinyourfavour 3 years ago

    i hope grace is still getting paid for my damnchannel using her videos :/
    go subscribe to her real channel Grace Helbig

  • barneytycoon 3 years ago


  • DAMIEN MILLS 3 years ago

    Based on her qualifications, she dated her dog with pants, or a cat with
    pants, or a bear with pants, or a human with pants…but not likely

  • Zarah Stryker 3 years ago

    19 people have mustaches

  • TaylorMade511 3 years ago

    Ironic the number of people who don’t know Grace moved.

  • Jennifer Morales 3 years ago

    Lol haha

  • Danny Danny 3 years ago

    I’d hit that! 

  • ASL Anissa 3 years ago

    ohh before 300 club! 

  • YoutubeCutiepie 3 years ago

    Your awesome Grace!

  • MrJeanSarkozy 3 years ago

    I love your sweet self.

  • Dustin Cardwell 3 years ago


  • Dustin Cardwell 3 years ago

    Love your videos

  • celine perry 3 years ago

    PPPLLLZZZ follow me on twitter @CJ_Dancer_Lover

  • hugmonsteramy 3 years ago

    Before 300 club :D

  • Makaya Whitehead 3 years ago


  • Becky D. 3 years ago