Added by on August 30, 2013 Not sure what to say? Do you get stuck while creating attraction? Lets face it… Conversation Skills are important. You can …



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  • Martin Ecclestone 4 years ago

    I had a major thing for a girl who worked in my neighborhood for a year, but I had a hard time working up the courage to flirt with her every time she’d come into my work on her breaks. I was  sure she would reject me cause I’m not one of those pick-up gurus or anything like that. My third date with that girl is tonight. Curious to learn how I succeed? Trust me, check out the link I have posted on my channel and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Lisa-Marie Jaftha 4 years ago

    straight pimpin baby…

  • kenneth watts 4 years ago

    this was also really helpful, it allowed me to come out of my shell

  • Shelly Ong 4 years ago

    Do you know that you don’t have to be pretty or sexy to attract men? Apparently, we girls did it wrong the whole time. There are things that make men cannot resist you and make him love you more than ever! And good thing is it doesn’t have anything to do with the way you look. Learned this hard way until I found this book: PERFECT MAN CONTROLLER.
    Now my bf love me more than ever! I am so happy. He just proposed 2 days ago..!!! xoxoxo that’s why I felt the need to spread this as my gratitude 🙂

  • Rose LP 4 years ago

    you burn alot of calories by moving ur hands around…good tips

  • Bsain23 4 years ago

    Great advice man. The suit Is a little sloppy but great video.

  • Nitin B 4 years ago

    damn you never get any really good videos on here. you only really need one site its where real girls go to get naughty get a load of this:

  • thepuddingpie085 4 years ago

    damn you never get any really good videos on here. you only really need one site its where real girls go to get naughty get a load of this:

  • Markie5256 4 years ago

    @Emily-HPhotography – you’re missing the whole point of what he’s saying. You sound like someone who’s a bit neurotic or like some drama queen there. I can assure you that you would be one of those women that would end up in bed with him after spending enough time with him. Let’s try and imagine the conversation going beyond that one sentence and the woman changing her roller coaster emotions from hating the guy to falling for him. WHAT? YOU MEAN WOMEN REALLY CHANGE THEIR MIND SO EASILY??? L

  • Mrvidse 4 years ago

    I didn`t know that Ashur from “Spartacus” had a channel like this.

  • Sina Akings 4 years ago

    Yooo no audio can u fix this thanks!

  • scott12ify 4 years ago

    Scripture internalization; I do what I do not because of feared punishment but because I love God. And I don’t do it to enrich the church, I do it because it is the only thing that works. Our society is on the brink and we need something very powerful to reverse things before we collapse. I’m not here to promote a church denomination, I’m here to change the way people think because its the way people think that has got us into this mess we are in!

  • MrCrammer 4 years ago

    I couldn’t hear anything he said. btw my left speaker doesn’t work.

  • Zirconium Upendra 4 years ago

    These movies are fantastic. I had been so baffled seeing my associate go from being lame to a ladies man. He went from zero to hero. He acted like it was standard for quite a while. He finally admitted it two days ago. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you’ll find it… He’s on a date right now with a beautiful girl… Lucky fucker!

  • Holypikemanz 4 years ago

    Very mild insulting can make her seek your approval unless she’s crazy hypersensitive. And the way he phrased it, would lead her to explain more or have to agree with him.

  • Emily HeizerPhotography 4 years ago

    “You’re thinking of quitting your job JUST because your boss blah blah blah?” I was instantly irritated when he said this and it was only an example. It’s undermining. There’s an implication that she’s incapable of coping with what’s going on when you don’t even know what’s going on. That’s rude. It would be so much better to say, “Oh, wow, is he really hard on you or what’s happening there?” Or ANYTHING other than the example.

    Also this guy’s clothes don’t fit. What’s with the loose tie?

  • Reatha Heydenreich 4 years ago

    I don’t get people who are reluctant to try meeting someone online, I finally signed up about a year ago and found someone about 4 months later. It’s not for everyone but bit.ly11yyNaD helped me out a lot and I had a lot of fun with it as well

  • lJUANGOLONGl 4 years ago

    Yeah i noticed that.. I think he’s expressing submission so he comes through as less threatening. Don’t you think?

  • shakurKG 4 years ago

    Whats rhat music?

  • sSunbeamM 4 years ago

    1:53 VSAUCE!!! xD xD

  • DarcProjekt 4 years ago

    Well, we had to watch it in order to come to the decision that don’t like it…

  • King thrd 4 years ago

    good video thank you

  • SixandafterMusica 4 years ago

    Negative comments are straight up haters. First of all have the balls to start your own channel to try to help others and get this many play you stupid fucks. Don’t watch if you don’t like

  • NathanAGoss 4 years ago

    Hey, my other comments have typos too (no capital on “conversation” either). Care to find them? Unlike myself, you obviously have 1) no life and 2) the time lol.

    Typos have no bearing on intelligence. I’m not surprised you’re too dumb to know that. Einstein failed math in school.

  • SKYRULE-49 4 years ago

    look up –


  • Fusion-tech 4 years ago

    lool, laughing at your own jokes

  • Lanteyah Aribel 4 years ago

    its jayz, big pimpin

  • meri shkor 4 years ago

    can someone tell me the what the song is and who sings it. I loved it so much.
    thank you

  • 96dada69 4 years ago

    I love u bro

  • kiklop777 4 years ago

    Rofl, he’s hand gestures are so forced and fake…

  • kari6105 4 years ago

    yes my left ear very much enjoyed this video

  • Damazy Włodarczyk 4 years ago

    i hate your body language, hate your suit and jewellery, i hate you, you look and sound like a total fucking douchebag, sorry

  • Stewart Nell 4 years ago

    your mum and dad should teach you simple Etiquette not some hood looking turk with ill fitting clothes

  • Samurai7able 4 years ago

    Very cool solid advice bro..thanks for the vid man…i am learning.

  • moutaz30 4 years ago

    Each one of us 136,327 viewers will have a friend who went to Paris as of today! … You got it Fontanelli!!

  • Zac Narvas 4 years ago

    were? I thought he was the idiot???

  • yourmainful 4 years ago

    T R O L L

  • yourmainful 4 years ago

    There is no correlation to accomplishments, intellect and an ability to run your worthless mouth and yap. Seen so many worthless underachieving men just yap yap yap and women buying in to their pure unadulterated and blatantly obvious horse shit.

  • yourmainful 4 years ago

    Yes conversation with beautiful women is very important. I can assure you in North if you are a 9.5 hot guy and you don’t have the gift to run your mouth you will not get laid as often as you should. I am a prime example, however in other places you would be getting laid 24/7 with hotties. Those I knew who ran through all the chicks pussies growing up were guys from abusive alcoholic garbage families with no inhibitions shoveling shit for a living today with 3-5 illegit kids.

  • yourmainful 4 years ago

    Honestly, why lie about things? I don’t get it. I was in Central America and the women where way hotter than they are out here 9s everywhere unlike the hottie stuck up recession we suffer out here, they would come up to me and say you are beautiful and i wanna fuck u, do you want to fuck me?

  • yourmainful 4 years ago

    I used to beat around the bush, bullshit ect and never tell em I wanna do u. I talked to lots of women I have sexed nd they have told me that by you not doing that you seem to be slimy and wanting something else and they don’t like it. They would much rather me tell them look I am here talking to you buying a drink ect, because I wanna cum on you sexy tits ect Instead of hiding it and being like um oh yea the weather, do you come here often, how bout those Jets ect.

  • yourmainful 4 years ago

    but get to know about the person for a few days and you will find out that they are the dullest, most underachieving looser in a 1 mile radius of the establishment where the conversation is being held. Unfortunately yes women are dumb as horse shit and buy in to the 5 minutes of bullshit presentation. I simply say i notice you gawking at my body and i thought id come over and sayl my name is so and so and if you wanna have sex its ok, we can go to my place later after we have a few nd dance.