Added by on June 29, 2014 Date Ideas: The Inexpensive Date She'll LOVE. Forget boring dinner dates! Some of the best date ideas are the least expensive ones…



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  • dehurlock 3 years ago

    i bet he is the kind of guy that wakes up in the morning and thinks to
    himself… Mmmmm DICK!!!!

  • andicatz 3 years ago

    Just because i like going to the theatre and nice resturants and boat trips
    etc doesn’t mean i am money orientated..the best things in life aren’t
    necessarily free. And to date my dates have taken me nice places. sorry if
    it offends. they had great personalities and looks too. some remain
    friends. ciao.

  • katlicz 3 years ago

    $1.29??? Tight ass!

  • Erilis666 3 years ago

    @andicatz because he might have a great personality? If you care about that
    sort of thing.

  • haidodaisuki 3 years ago

    so…david, what you’re gonna do tonight? 😉

  • deshronk 3 years ago

    Who would want to date money-oriented “princesses” anyways?

  • LohengrinT 3 years ago

    Wygant is a kind of psychological genius

  • andicatz 3 years ago

    @iHipHop Actually “bored” rather than boring. What’s interesting about a
    Dairy Maid?

  • John Doe 3 years ago

    hahahaha … $1.29 … bet that was the cheapest piece of ass he’s ever
    had! LOL

  • SongsInMyKey 3 years ago

    I am just as much a qualified professor at age 19 as you are a princess

  • SongsInMyKey 3 years ago

    And you have an ignorant mind…

  • adam galicza 3 years ago

    cheap fucker….bet u any money hes single

  • andicatz 3 years ago

    @deshronk Princes?

  • andicatz 3 years ago

    Also my shoes clothes, make up ..i.e. lipstick chanel, dior cost more than
    a night at a cinema so why should i on on some cheap date with someone i
    hardly know?

  • slava1986 3 years ago

    jew right there, no kidding lol

  • andicatz 3 years ago

    Oh unless of course he is a poet, musician or artist….if David offered me
    a dollar 29 i would tell him where to put it..

  • andicatz 3 years ago

    You must be a member of mensa then with such a high IQ and on Professors
    wages you still can’t pay? My royal blood is hereditary as it says so on my
    profile and can be traced back to the British Rule in India I have dated a
    European Prince, some diplomats sons and playboys but I most appreciate it
    when ordinary Joe behaves and acts like a gentleman. Real men pay the least on the first few dates!

  • andicatz 3 years ago

    Oh and i buy my own tickets on girls nights out. so really i don’t have a
    problem with that. First dates should always be special in any case.

  • monkeyflowers 3 years ago

    I’m a woman. This sounds fun. Shoot, you could pickup a woman there and
    have an instant date right on the spot. And if you do end up dating and
    getting married it would give you a funny story to tell about how ya’ll met.

  • andicatz 3 years ago

    i don’t like cheap dates ;( this wouldn’t work with princesses.

  • Erilis666 3 years ago

    @andicatz not all the time.

  • buyerofsorts 3 years ago

    @dirtydapz1 I think the point hes making is it doesn’t take money to meet a
    great girl and have fun. You’ll have more fun with a girl thats right for
    you and spend no money rather than being with the wrong girl and spending a
    grand. But anyway…

  • va4lover 3 years ago

    great idea!! now I gotta new place to take my date. oh yea its cheap and
    convenient. thanks man!! Everybody should defiently check this video out!!

  • andicatz 3 years ago

    @Erilis666 Well I took your advice and spent some dates in the park,
    holding hands, kissing, cloud watching..the best things in life really are
    free! Got a lot of vitamin D from the sunshine and generally felt alive and
    more content! Yes he was a great guy but then again on the money he saved
    on me he took his ex out! Can’t

  • andicatz 3 years ago

    And you are a qualified professor at age 19?! i think not and i wasn’t
    addressing you especially. I actually have a higher IQ than average. So
    don’t insult what you don’t know. That’s ignorant.

  • iHipHop 3 years ago

    @andicatz well princesses are often boring.

  • andicatz 3 years ago

    Not much on a dollar 29.

  • superkawaii kitty 3 years ago

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    stuff this will get you started:

  • superkawaii kitty 3 years ago

    @jihbvum yeah I know what you mean ALSO! if you want the really powerful
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