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  • Turbo POL 3 years ago

    +Jade Tersiev Talk about it to him. If he’ll disagree, and you want to do
    that. I think it’s time to get a new Boyfriend.

  • Anh Rolson 3 years ago

    Any one tried the DateFindersk (just google it)? We’ve heard several
    amazing things about this popular dating site.

  • TeenDreamCollab 3 years ago

    what Are good some good online teen dating site

  • watercrystalfairy 3 years ago

    Lmao this is why I stick to guys from my AP classes, they don’t hv vans
    with tigers lmao

  • angierox221 3 years ago

    This is how people get raped

  • Mary Magdalene 3 years ago

    this is actually not that bad 😀

  • ohmygoodness8D 3 years ago

    Phew! So the van without the tiger airbrushed on it is fine? CANDY HERE I
    COME 😛

  • cookiesrock36 3 years ago

    Or give the guy fake information.

  • Danny Saleh 3 years ago

    Kiss your hand 10 times then st or crushes name 15 times and type this on 2
    bids and your crush will as u out tomorrow

  • knickersonurface 3 years ago

    Omg… thank you for making this… people really need to know about shit
    like this on the internet… I didn’t know better and turns out I was
    flirting with a 40yr old who I thought was 14… Thank god he actually said
    it or I dunno what would’ve happened…

  • BlankBulleta5 3 years ago

    Everyone in the internet, listen to this lady. She knows what she is
    talking about

  • TheCollegeFinder 3 years ago

    this was not a good advice at all

  • Erica Alamanjo 3 years ago

    This way 12 year olds are pregnant

  • brett moore 3 years ago

    What’s wrong with a van with a tiger on the side?

  • SuperWhatwhat2 3 years ago


  • MriBackup 3 years ago

    Why are you looking at the camera at an angle?

  • Raven Halterman 3 years ago

    Oh no! Not a van with a tiger on the side of it :O!!!!!

  • karenz101box 3 years ago

    lol your cute n funny 🙂

  • naomibates61 3 years ago

    And that’s how people get raped

  • bananapie191 3 years ago

    @MriBackup when people are shooting videos sometimes there is two cameras,
    and they look at the one the director wants them to look at, while a
    cameraman shoots them from a different angle. In my opinion, I think its
    look somewhat better than just looking straight at the camera 🙂

  • 33xoxo3 3 years ago

    You succeeded in getting top comment but you lack creativity.

  • Danny Saleh 3 years ago


  • Jade Tersiev 3 years ago

    my boyfriend wants us to be a secret because he does not like when people
    ask and ask about it but I don’t want it to be a secret so we can hug hold
    hands and flirt what do I do? plz help me?!?

  • Mulatto Mann 3 years ago


  • MrLivingDead13 3 years ago

    no tiger?… love….

  • Deanna Easy 3 years ago

    what has she got against tigers

  • Stelion James 3 years ago

    no top comment! hehe this is my time to shine!!! well… here it is: i like
    ruffles 😛