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Thanks Tayler for being in this video! This video is 40 + date ideas for the fall and winter season! Follow me on TWITTER! or @m…



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  • metalblade1698 3 years ago


  • TWOtigertailz 3 years ago

    I’m going on a ski date

  • pabstbluehipster 3 years ago

    get a grip.

  • roybronxhhx 3 years ago

    lol not going to lie i think my girlfriend would smack the crap out of me with some of these date ideas lol good ideas tho

  • callster2482 3 years ago

    Haunted barns are creepy…

  • Ibad Jan 3 years ago

    Girls i dont know how useful your tips are etc, i am sure they are to some extent but i watch your videos more for your personalities and your way of presentation. its so much fun to watch u two he he. lots of love from England.

  • waddiwasii 3 years ago

    you both are gorgeous

  • maddieluv216 3 years ago

    Omg! I have that heart shirt! (:

  • Jennifer Juarez 3 years ago

    Lol ur so funny

  • ReadySetRockyxx 3 years ago

    Lindsey or Beautybaby44 sent me!!!!

  • MsIloveakb48 3 years ago

    BeautyBaby44 sent me :)<3<3<3 (+I`m your 6000th subscriber 😀 <3)

  • futuristickay 3 years ago

    Those are great ideas

  • heytracy08 3 years ago

    i wish i lived in the snow but i live in a beach town in cali so for winter we still pretty much just go to the beach and surf hhaha maybe ill go to the snow soon for vacation bc i love snowboarding! good video, now all i need is a boyfriend!

  • IvysSuspense 3 years ago

    Hey everyone, if you could, please check out my channel. I have DIY, OOTD, and Vlog videos, and soon to come are Hair and Makeup videos also. I would love any requests and constructive criticism. Subscribe if you want its free XD. Please and Thank You,
    }ï{ Corinne }ï{

  • misaki covington 3 years ago

    is this ur school friend?

  • trisha60 3 years ago

    gorgeous!! please do a vid on tips for new youtubers, ive been making videos for nearly a year and feel that theres always room for me to improve my videos, please help me make them as good as urs! x

  • usernametaken97 3 years ago

    This video makes me want a boyfriend so bad.

  • usernametaken97 3 years ago

    I love Tayler’s hair!!!