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Craig Ferguson Shows How to Pick Up and Seduce Hollywood Hotties Compilation:

See volume 2:

Ellen Page

Sandra Bullock

Kristen Bell

Chelsea Handler

Alice Eve

Leslie Bibb

Evangiline Lilly

Amy Smart

Moon Bloodgood

Morena Baccarin



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  • Flirting Masterclass 2 years ago

    Guuys, New video! Check my channel to previous volumes Pickup MasterClass
    with Hottest Actresses Volume 2 Hope you enjoy!

  • Johnny Marvéll 2 years ago

    ugh I really hate Ellen Page. Ever since she “came out” she’s been on one
    man-hating protest after another. — Ugh. This is unbearable. You can see
    Craig trying to break the ice with Ellen, and you can just see the hatred
    oozing out of her. it’s repulsive

  • J-M R 2 years ago

    Yeessss. More of these. Feed me more! Feed me more!! FEED ME MOOOREE!!!!!

  • Jovan Gorgievski 2 years ago

    I shag all of them and then some ;-)

  • probrojeffro 2 years ago

    It would be very difficult to be near Alice Eve and not want to ……
    well, you know. She just exudes warmth, cuteness, and yummy, yum, yum. 

  • Johnny Marvéll 2 years ago

    who’s the one after Ellen? the info has the women in the wrong order…

  • Chase Thesman 2 years ago

    who’s the chick in the orange/reddish dress??????

  • JASMAZ77 2 years ago

    who is the girl at 7:29?