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An AskMen conversation between Rebecca Ames and Mike Sheppard about the key to meeting women through Facebook. For more dating advice on AskMen click here: h…



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  • Hamimah Abdul rahim 3 years ago

    I’m not sure but ,if anyone else trying to find out
    facebook groups for dating try *Greega Facebook Date Guru* (just google it
    ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got cool success
    with it.

  • Hickjackass2k10 3 years ago

    @hohohee1 OMG sorry brah! Really. Its just i see so many vids woth really
    creepy comments and they really freak me out. If i hadn’t seen so many of
    them in my time i probably would have seen that yours was a joke… Sorry.

  • Fook Yu 3 years ago

    @cookies205 its a creepy joke, im a creep

  • Stellar Moig 3 years ago

    lol Naomi Kyle

  • AShadowWolf 3 years ago

    From a woman’s POV, I think the longer you wait, the more you think that
    the guy didn’t really like you or didn’t really want to see you again.

  • MrHav1k 3 years ago

    This over analysis of everything is really pissing me the fuck off.

  • Jake Kamps 3 years ago

    haha “& she should be here any minute…” nice

  • tahir630247365 3 years ago

    What is her FB?

  • Dave Grohl 3 years ago

    Man, she’s sexy.

  • Aquila Jackson 3 years ago


  • Andrew Hill 3 years ago

    who’s down to see rebecca in a porno?

  • Cookies205 3 years ago

    I Uh dude? Just a little creepy… I V

  • hamza 3 years ago

    ohh god she’s so hot!!

  • novaboi24 3 years ago

    Naomi Kyle HAHAHHAHA

  • scuba green elk 3 years ago


  • Ant Killer 99 3 years ago

    LOL this guy is hilirous, i bet he tryed to hit that hottie

  • lm8103 3 years ago

    It’s remarks like that that guarantee she never will. Probably also your
    looks and personality. Take care of those and it’s sure to happen. Good
    luck, buddy.

  • ZombieSage 3 years ago

    Naomi Kyle <3 !!!

  • Fook Yu 3 years ago

    I’m her number one stalker, she lives in Los Angeles near Beverly Hills and
    you can see her walk the pier of santa monica daily

  • Eric Rocko 3 years ago

    Fuck facebook & all media dating shit. Go out & meet alote of girls, be
    funny relax they are everywhere! Guys these days are too soft, week sauce!

  • MrNovaya 3 years ago

    all these rules certainly dont apply to gays

  • Junior4AMG 3 years ago

    Does she have an accent? Where is she from?

  • shaktimaan09 3 years ago

    I want to get blowed by Rebecca Ames.

  • Fook Yu 3 years ago

    @Hickjackass2k10 im pretty sure she doesnt live in cali ….fyi

  • Mathieu W. 3 years ago

    Lol good job askmen crew, on wanting to keep the city in where you live
    secret, but showing us EXACTLY what city it is in the same vid. By the way,
    I knew where Askmen is based for like 6 months. 🙂

  • Fook Yu 3 years ago

    @Hickjackass2k10 LOL ITS A JOKE, thats my friends address … calm da fahk
    down yo!

  • MK Warlock 3 years ago

    Rebecca’s kinda hot.

  • Fook Yu 3 years ago


  • Hickjackass2k10 3 years ago

    @hohohee1 Dude. Get a life, you fucking creepyass piece of shit. Really. I
    mean if you like her and you know where she will be everyday, why dont you
    stop being a fucking queer and just go talk to her? Although at this point
    if you were to approach her she would probably have you arrested. I cant
    stand freaks like you.