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Christopher asks this week's question: Do online Christian dating services open the door to temptation or true love?



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  • Neely Momeni 3 years ago

    Is DateFindersk effective to met your spouse? I have learn numerous good
    stuff about DateFindersk (do a google search).

  • pacbiggiecom 3 years ago

    Pac Biggie – “Is God Real the Final Answer!” new series!

  • jeannMarie23 3 years ago

    I think that however you meet someone whether in person or opine, its
    important to have a good since of discernment when stepping into the dating
    world. I believe that online dating can be a positive experience, there are
    success stories however if the first impression you get of them is there
    rear end haha them come on now, sometimes people can use a little bit of
    common since and ask themselves what this persons motives may really be.

  • joypeace1015 3 years ago

    The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, and those that dwell
    within!! (Psalm 24:1) God can use whatever means He chooses to bring two
    people together. Spiritual discernment works on Christian Dating sites as
    well.(that is, if you have it to begin with) If the Lord is leading you to
    marriage, you may meet your mate at church, in the store or online! If you
    don’t have intimate knowledge of God’s Word, you’ll be fooled whether you
    meet someone online or offline! (John 10:27)

  • purpturt 3 years ago

    you guys are hilarious. i don’t think christian online dating is bad unless
    you make it bad…like that lady evidently did. lol

  • hnmchick 3 years ago

    I think you can date online but it’s all in how you carry yourself. You can
    only date church members, never touch a website and still be a undercover
    ho. So if somebody is gonna date with the label christian attached they
    should have class or leave it alone. And there is no need to get intimate
    with everybody they talk to. Even if you just kiss don’t be a kissin ho!

  • davidtibble7 3 years ago

    great vid! love the tune in the background, jewishy type of tune and beat
    with a modern feel. Presenters are funny and real and honest – i like it!

  • RenaSandrac 3 years ago

    Make your order now # #