Added by on February 8, 2014 Hilarious Chris Rock at his best. A must See! He speaks on all topics but mostly covers Online Dating Advice. If you need som…



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  • Allan Horian 3 years ago

    Oh my..That’s brilliant.
    Check out datingmadeeasy. net

  • DayjMan 3 years ago

    Sooooo….what exactly did this have to do with online dating? lol

  • cj plais 3 years ago

    duh, if you assalt someone with a diamond they sue you for the hospital
    bills. now, take this lead salad and bullet sandwich an don’t complain.
    that diamond dick joke is full of logical fallacies, shit you are not a
    drill and she not a cave of diamond or oil so we need no diamond. actually
    guys evolved a dick without a bone so it would be firm yet soft enough for
    contact. sad that violence against women is a joke.

  • GeoStaccs 3 years ago

    fuck you for putting an ad on material thats not yours

  • Taylor Vaught 3 years ago

    this shit is hilarious to me. I like the pep talk in the morning

  • Bruce McBain 3 years ago

    Brilliant! Like all great comedy- so funny and true at the same time. Love

  • EternalHappElements 3 years ago

    You can not use that shit to trick your partner for whole life; if you do,
    you are an asshole other than a person.

  • Paroh TVee 3 years ago

    OMG this dude is craazy

  • blacknight73107 3 years ago

    The kinda women he talking about is the kind you should run over with ur
    fucking truck and then back up just to make sure the bitch is dead.

  • DBLOCKRuffRYDER 3 years ago

    That was ON POINT!

  • mick21778 3 years ago

    god he has got this shit right

  • almirjuventus 3 years ago

    I found that really insightful. I’m here because my best friend instantly
    started to be remarkable with chicks. He went from zero to hero. He acted
    as if it was standard for quite a while. He ultimately admitted it two days
    ago. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula.
    Google it and you’ll find it… He’s dating a beauty… Lucky dick!

  • ohmandy3 3 years ago

    She’s not in it for sense. She’s in it for distance and irritation.

  • Walter Pinto 3 years ago

    He is talking a raw truth in the most intelligent and comic way to say it.

  • Connor W 3 years ago

    oh my goodness soo funny and sooooo true!

  • arsenalrock111 3 years ago


  • MRWDL800 3 years ago

    Cool story kid.

  • robynsegg 3 years ago

    Uh… wtf does this have to do w/ online dating?

  • King Pleasure 3 years ago

    Where’s the online dating? That’s not the topic of this segment. It’s
    funnier than shit however so it doesn’t matter, but please relabel it.

  • MishuTaste 3 years ago

    The truth is hilarious.

  • Valdezb6p 3 years ago

    I bet the whole thing is hilarious. But I’ve become deaf after first
    minute. Goodbye headphone users.

  • Denaeize 3 years ago

    that was deep, he made us women look so horrible lol..

  • KRAYISONFIRE 3 years ago

    1:38 damn thats where phonte got that from in that song “the good fight”

  • Ramiro Lopazo 3 years ago

    online dating advice??

  • broken12smiles 3 years ago

    are you serious, the last section of this is a nightmare from which I just
    can’t wake up.

  • 56nd78 3 years ago

    wtf have chris rock related with chinese commercial?

  • woox2k 3 years ago

    I would like the video but i hit dislike just because of the long ad in the
    beginning… do it somewhere else. YT ads are enough!

  • SheriffSpoons 3 years ago

    Well played