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Can we get 100 butt thumbs up on this video??? Mah Twitter: Mah Facebook: Mah Wishlist: http://www.amazo…



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  • Bradley Ducote 3 years ago

    Adult gamers you thirsty

  • AvgAdultGamers - Ghosts, Minecraft, Battlefield and MOAR! 3 years ago

    Dear Stephanie, Am I to old for you? I’d really like to hook it up wit u!
    piece! xoxo

  • Moving Target Productions 3 years ago

    woohoo. win the first 100 views!

  • Andres Merlos 3 years ago

    You don’t need dating services, you’re gorgeous. 3

  • Ms Inked Queen 3 years ago

    Awww thanks 🙂

  • TRyHaRDgaMeRx 3 years ago


  • dcould88 3 years ago

    Please do a series on the weirdest conversation you can get going. Or ‘What
    I can get PoF’rs to do’ would be hilarious

  • ThatReallyGreatGuy 3 years ago

    Let’s go assault shield an a ass load of clay mores please beautiful

  • Ms Inked Queen 3 years ago

    lmfao! I have before

  • devastator3094 3 years ago

    its obvious that none of those guys read out loud what they typed

  • Ms Inked Queen 3 years ago

    upload them to your yt unlisted

  • ghsdnjgfdsg 3 years ago

    Almost 1500 subs!

  • NycOriginalGamer . 3 years ago

    I cant find where to inbox. i feel like a noob. 🙁

  • Bioblade84 3 years ago

    Sounds like someone is disgruntled lol. 😀

  • deadlyrshelp 3 years ago

    DSR 50, Knife, Concussion Tactical, Lightweight, Fast Hands and Dexterity.

  • Ms Inked Queen 3 years ago

    lol sounds like a quickscoping class

  • Barbaric Viking 3 years ago

    Very nice. Came over from yoush and decided to stay. Keep it up.

  • Ms Inked Queen 3 years ago

    then send the links to my inbox

  • Ms Inked Queen 3 years ago

    I think all they guys on there are a bit off lol

  • noteone99 3 years ago

    Read ur wish list I love the movies u want 😉

  • Bioblade84 3 years ago

    Also nothing wrong with wanting to get to know a person though. Good game
    play though. 🙂

  • Ms Inked Queen 3 years ago


  • Tyler Downs 3 years ago

    If you post more videos with your boobs you can play with my load

  • dcould88 3 years ago

    You should respond to the weird messages, see how strange you can get them
    to be… e.g. reply to the last guy “That sounds amazing but I have to warn
    you, if we date you cannot get inbetween me and my pet goats relationship,
    one day we will be married. Is this still ok?”

  • Bioblade84 3 years ago

    I love it, I use it with the 870.

  • Bioblade84 3 years ago

    Nice. 🙂 Do you like using the RPG? It is easy for me, got it gold in like
    3 or 4 hours.

  • Ms Inked Queen 3 years ago

    lol :p

  • Slickjc1 3 years ago

    Yo that first dude probably is a nice guy, and he used complete sentences.
    Or he could be a player trying to score. The rest of them need to learn how
    to actually talk to a woman.

  • devastator3094 3 years ago

    they need an option on those sites before you send , to a proof reader to
    acknowledge if its good or not.

  • Bioblade84 3 years ago

    Flash and grenades only. Scavenger, dex, conditioning, ghost and light. You
    can knife as well too. Grenades of your choice, no noob tubes lol.

  • Ms Inked Queen 3 years ago

    Some of the best movies ever! :p

  • Ms Inked Queen 3 years ago

    lol no