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Miley Cyrus is always in the news for all the right and wrong things both. We all know that, so? She hasn’t been seriously linked to anyone after her split with Liam Hemsworth. Now that we already looked her list of boyfriends, let’s take a look at some of her crazy dating rules. And boy, they are really crazy!

Do’s And Don’ts
Rules for dating ? HuH? Miley has a list of dos and don’ts even for dating. Man! What any man would do with her on bed, is anybody’s guess. We can imagine Miley yelling out the rules while the man gets confused following em….!

Ask Her Before You Wear Anything
While on a date she who decides what the guy wears, what he talks and the stuff.Hey! That’s not cool, but who cares, this is Miley! And for all you fans who wanna gift her flowers, chuck them outta your life cos Miley says a strict no no for those lovely ones. Yikes! Who hates flowers…Miley come on !

Step Away
Miley likes her men two feet away from her on the first date. That’s the way she likes it! And true to her style, she does not allow her guy to have a PDA, or phone or camera. Geesh! So for all those who are fantasizing a date with Miley you know what you are in for!

Likes Meaty Men
Again if you are a hunk, you are Miley stuff ok? If you are an average Adam, go pump in some meat in your body dude…Cos Miley likes it big and hunky!

One With Good Stamina
After you are through with all these rules and have the stamina to meet her, go ahead good luck buddy!

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    Check Out #MileyCyrus’ Crazy DATING RULES