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  • Karolina Slovcovaite 2 years ago

    I came up with some not so obvious cheap activities to do with your
    boyfriend,friend or even family member.Enjoy

  • Karolina Kali 2 years ago

    great ideas! thanks 🙂 

  • Erika Bay 2 years ago

    Laaabai šaunus video, tikrai kažkas neįprastesnio :))

  • Miz Lulu 2 years ago

    So cute! I love your style of video!!! <3 You are such a sweetheart ^.^ I
    sometimes wish i lived in the city because .. living out in the mountains
    there isn't anywhere to go besides the beach and walks in the woods lol not
    that those are bad! But deffinitely not as many options. However me and my
    man are the same, we love staying home and hanging out :3 

  • Sophie Smith 2 years ago

    cute video !
    very nice ideas <3

  • AmericanAmigo 2 years ago

    Very happy Spring 🙂 Thank you for the lovely ideas <3

  • baeyonce 2 years ago

    I love the idea of going to an art gallery! Loved this video!! x

  • Miglepet 2 years ago

    kaip smagu tokį kitokį video pamatyt, savo prenumeratose ! 😀 šaunuole :*

  • gold zipper 2 years ago

    Great ideas 🙂 I absolutely love going to art galleries!

  • LivinStylish By Gaby 2 years ago

    Hi Girl,
    i just bumped into your channel and i can see we have things in common,i
    love your channel ,videos and the job you are doing,i can tell you have
    passion for this and i love your personality

    i have a channel 2 and i will love to be friends ,will be cool to watch
    each others videos and support each others

    i subbed to your channel to support you

    i will love to hear from you soon

    lots of love


  • Minty Mina D 2 years ago

    Love these ideas^^ great video

  • BeautyChemCam 2 years ago

    Great ideas. 🙂 We have a botanical garden in our city with plants and
    animals and it’s pretty much free. I really like going there, or just
    walking through parks and forests. :)

  • WishAndWear 2 years ago

    Great ideas! :)

  • Princess Patrocinio 2 years ago

    Very it^^