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Get a discount on your first Plated box HERE: Welcome to Happy Hour! Tonight we're drinking Jameson Irish Goodness! I have a P.O. bo…



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  • DaedricSheep 3 years ago

    In what way is dating a heteronormative culture? Erry body dates. Sexuality
    doesn’t matter.

  • Robert Alfonso 3 years ago

    Elliot is one of those subscriptions that I never watch. But when I do
    decide to watch his videos I ask myself why I don’t watch more often.
    You’re great man keep up the fantastic work. 

  • kmf78 3 years ago

    During the kiss at the end, your lips looked like a butthole. Just sayin’

  • ElliottMorgan 3 years ago

    SUP SUP made a little video FOR ALL MY PEEPS all about makin’ FUNNNN with
    your bae!!! Shoutout to Plated and Kierkegaard!

  • Kitty Winfield 3 years ago

    Elliot reminds me of Phoebe Buffay

  • dontpuchit 3 years ago

    I once killed one bird with two stones.

  • Adam Morton 3 years ago

    I saw plated on shark tank!!

  • Renzo Nudalo 3 years ago

    I never would have thought you are married.

  • InFecTeddy 3 years ago

    My god. This. Is. Perfect. Thank you. I shall now browse more of your

  • xxJalisa01 3 years ago

    I literally just come for the comedy and the kisses. They make me feel
    great if I’m having a bad day :)

  • lauren sabino 3 years ago

    I think going to a coffee shop is the best date. It’s cheap, romantic, and
    a cliche idea that no one really does anymore. It’s intimate and allows for
    real conversation but still way more casual than some fancy over priced

  • Jake Fell 3 years ago

    i thought this was the channel of elliott morgan not elliott (insert
    sponser here) comercial pants, but i still enjoy the videos though :]

  • Elysium 3 years ago


  • Liz Mac 3 years ago

    Now can you do a video on Cheap Babysitting Ideas so I can go on these
    cheap dates with my cheap husband. Wait no, cross out that last cheap.
    No, yeah, keep it. 

  • diantc333 3 years ago

    You’re so funny Elliott, keep up the good work

  • Dan Smoke 3 years ago

    After you said start up a start up, I thought you were gonna say film a
    film…MISSED CHANCE buddy..

  • 630ben630 3 years ago

    Elliot beat me to first… 

  • Miranda Kalish 3 years ago

    So many product placement videos lately…you do a great job of them I’m
    just wondering if like money is super tight right now or something.

  • flamenug 3 years ago

    wow, just a way to disguise an advertisement 

  • Grace McIntire 3 years ago

    That Bo Burnham reference though

  • ConspiracyJuice 3 years ago

    Picnics are incredibly underrated. They’re *very* fun, thank you.

  • PanguinFilms 3 years ago


  • jchobbit 3 years ago

    My fiancé proposed to me two weeks ago on a picnic. Our picnic table was at
    the beginning hole for Frisbee Golf – which we didn’t realize until we were
    halfway through our lunch- so there were Frisbee’s flying everywhere – but
    it added to the sense of fun. 

  • MUTEscifan31W 3 years ago

    And if you screw up the ingredients, you don’t have extra in order to make
    good food still. Now you have crap and have to go out to eat anyway.

  • DrewDudeTV 3 years ago

    Hahaha! Awesome video! 

  • TheRandomView 3 years ago

    Elliott, that kiss made me feel awkward.

  • BlackStage 3 years ago

    your pleasantly weird bro 

  • HeroesOfShadow 3 years ago

    It’s funny because he recently started up a YouTube series (Unwined) with
    this wife. Yay, date night! :D

  • Leanne Karat 3 years ago

    Sup sup 

  • Daniel Demchenkov 3 years ago

    The videos keep getting better. Keep up the good work

  • Nicko K 3 years ago

    Haha that was awesome Elliott!! One of my faves so far. And not gonna lie,
    that kiss made me feel the most violated I’ve been in a while

  • kayrayz 3 years ago

    2 birds one stone: kill them.. at the park..on a date..cook them on the
    park grill =picnic …. and its free. 

  • Vita Lypyak 3 years ago

    I seriously enjoy your videos so much!! Keep up the great and hilarious

  • Jesse Donoe 3 years ago

    Elliott: You are by far the best dressed individual ever.

  • Marci Parks 3 years ago

    This is my favorite side of Elliott!!

  • Billy Stidham 3 years ago

    Your brand of comedy is so on point! 

  • Christopher Lea 3 years ago

    Geez, just me or was that kiss just a little long n creepy? Otherwise, from
    the poor of us, I’m with you, Elliot; its hard to maintain romance in the
    surety of one’s fixed position firmly within the 99 percent.Romantic
    pyramid schemes anyone?

  • William Jones 3 years ago

    Killin’ it, Elliott! This was one of the best I’ve seen from you yet!

  • Danielle Pearce 3 years ago

    This episode was hilarious! That extended kiss at the end was a little
    awkward. 🙂 

  • Chris McCroe 3 years ago

    Thumbs up for the Jameson

  • harasnicole 3 years ago

    Take me to a dueling piano bar, and we’re golden. Or an amusement park. I
    like fun, too.

  • MrLostLink 3 years ago

    Good way to spend a cheap evening would be to Have Netflix and homecooked
    meals and just snuggling up on the couch.

  • Vincent Castaneda 3 years ago

    You had me at Ginger Ale. 

  • Özlem Isci 3 years ago

    Or you could do something dangerous -ish like rock climbing and see how
    they would react to that

  • LoneWolfDemon13 3 years ago

    Cheap date idea: Tell her you have a vlog. Film the both of you watching TV
    and having dinner at your house. Post it to your channel and make Youtube
    money. You just made money by going on a date. 

  • Angharad LateBloomer 3 years ago


  • SuperEngage1 3 years ago

    this guy kills me LMAO pure genius!