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We wrote a book called How To Get Out of The Friend Zone! Check it out: Laugh out loud to our newest videos! Watch: Cheap…



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  • Stan Sandel 4 years ago

    I’m pissed. My nephew resides in the adjacent room and he just became really good with women. He went to the Master Attraction web page (Search in Google) by Jake Ayres. Now I hear him bringing chicks back. He’s continuously getting women back and I can’t help but hear it, which is yucky. I wish he had not discovered that site. My closest friend is getting laid now too coz of that site. I’m jealous!

  • nowthenandALWAYS 4 years ago

    oh sorry was tht one “L” maybe it stands for loser

  • nowthenandALWAYS 4 years ago

    Sarah (needs to shut up) ellwood!

  • nowthenandALWAYS 4 years ago

    im 11 and i am potty trained how old r u bitch? You look like a diapering retard! kk Thanks love xx

  • sarah elwood 4 years ago

    @cammmclaine if youre 12, then dont. Go. On. Dates. Youre barely potty trained, chill out on dating

  • Camm Mclaine 4 years ago

    What if your 12

  • deshaunloverify 4 years ago

    i got you pringles extreme cause you’re an extremely hot girl

  • Walter Robertson 4 years ago

    Haha I wish I saw this before I made bank at my new job

  • stefanlowe1995 4 years ago

    wtf did i just watch O.o

  • TheRedWon 4 years ago

    If you’re a real man, you’ll be a man having a picnic with a beautiful woman. If you’re not a man, you’re not going on a date with a beautiful woman anyway.
    The qualities that make you a man can’t be taken away just because you sat on a plaid picnic blanket.

  • seanyboy1436 4 years ago

    i love how they fake make out

  • frank j 4 years ago

    I’ve looked at all the replies. I really think this is a high-quality clip. My cousin wants to get the best with sexy girls. He uncovered alot from a internet page called Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The help with regards to getting girls through night clubs from Master Attraction got him his very first sex in 2 long years. I got irritated though coz I heard them all. Terrible.

  • That Dude Najarian 4 years ago

    girls don’t care about that shit

  • Miranda Harris 4 years ago

    that awesome moment when you have been watching them ALL night

  • John K 4 years ago

    really? picnic in park…doesn’t that make a dude like not man enough?

  • marc victorino 4 years ago

    Picnic at the zoo,minature golf,cosmic bowling,karaoke place.

  • vzlxe10 4 years ago


  • Mustafa Ali 4 years ago

    lovin the nature walk example would love to try it

  • ashixxx11 4 years ago

    Local sports game ? Never !! lol

  • nguyenhuuhien1992 4 years ago

    very exceting

  • reeBeee92 4 years ago

    Isn’t Ben on the hundred?? LMAO

  • Kyrie H 4 years ago

    My boyfriend took me to an art museum in the city and it was one of our favorite dates–FREE too! After we looked through the art we found a random karaoke room in the back and spent about two hours in there having way too much fun singing to leave.

  • John Ors 4 years ago

    Hey i just watched your amazing video thank you for this. Please can you check out my channel and tell me your opinion? Thanks

  • Luis Ramirez 4 years ago

    nice.that’s actually pretty original…good on yo

  • jukijunk 4 years ago

    Go to a Chinese buffet, less than 15$ where I live 🙂

  • ToXiiCPreDzZ97 4 years ago

    I’m taking a girl skateboarding 😛

  • ajiawon 4 years ago

    Spend a whole night… I stopped listening and assumed you mean with you two.. Let’s boom boom boom with your body yo!

  • lana saephanh 4 years ago

    you go to mc donalds buy a mc chicken with fries suace and dippin then stroll the park if u dont have no car

  • jon s 4 years ago

    Haha! Funny tips:p

  • devimage 4 years ago

    if i don’t have money for dates then i should quiet rather than do this (park walk is always nice )

  • andreeaC14 4 years ago

    I love the musem ideea 3

  • Ian Price 4 years ago

    Coffee is a horrible date idea. Caffeine should you be winding you up to get through a hard work day, not when you want to relax and have fun with somebody. Either get some drinks at a bar or plan around an activity like bowling. Why put so much pressure on each other?

  • Caedesus 4 years ago

    Thomas Edison invented electricity. Abraham Lincoln is on the five dollar bill. Come on, girls.

  • xXJuanVGXx 4 years ago

    i would take a condom to a picnic

  • megadeathly 4 years ago

    I think it was a joke doe.