Added by on August 30, 2013 Candice Accola, star of Dating Rules From My Future Self, Season 2 and The Vampire Diaries, talks about the advice she'd give…



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  • Sign4lyf 4 years ago

    I love her & saw her in dating rules, thinking that at any moment Joseph Morgan was going to guest star & we would finally get a Klaroline sex scene lol! Btw, that will only make sense for fans of the Vampire Diaries!
    Seriously´╗┐ though, I watched both S1 & S2 of dating rules & they were both great. I loved them & Candice & Shiri are both incredibly funny & versatile so I would recommend watching:-)

  • jennajune16 4 years ago

    Haha she’s great ­čśÇ I wish´╗┐ she could be my friend.

  • wolflakevamp1 4 years ago

    it very´╗┐ simple…. very simple…

  • haaszi012 4 years ago

    candice´╗┐ is gorgeous! i love her! <3 ­čÖé