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CliffsList presents Lifestyle Expert Brent Smith with a common goal: to help you become a better man. What you are about to watch is years of acquired knowledge and experience compressed into this single video lesson.

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  • Erik DiNardo 2 years ago

    Good stuff way to redeem yourself with this video

  • Richard Uy 2 years ago
  • what woman would go to a rando’s house when he demands it. absurd.

  • MahmayiFurniture 2 years ago

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    get his current spouse. Must watch and learn this stuff before asking out
    any woman for success. I just started using it too. View the free video.
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  • Steve White 2 years ago

    @nlcorke youre old / ugly arnt you?

  • Steve White 2 years ago

    @MegaE38 Who the fuck is shinedown? you need to get laid more

  • ubersimba 2 years ago

    @MegaE38 haha totally

  • STORYTASTIC 2 years ago

    @ERICWAGNERSLUCID who is this fucking foreigner??? idiot high school
    punk…epic fail!

  • STORYTASTIC 2 years ago

    @nlcorke lol you chase me all the time and buy me gifts and treat me and
    then I will let you suck me….its True..long live Brent! my freaking
    awesome coach! obviously a young clueless woman! yeah baby…

  • Julious Bass 2 years ago

    the broke lazy way to try to get laid.

  • Brandon Perkins 2 years ago

    @steveo20007 You’re pathetic

  • Gergana Mineva 2 years ago

    Change of plan! In a month! Get down here and get into the real business of
    making money!

  • Amer Mughrabi 2 years ago

    Thumbs up if saw this video because you thaught he was Brent Smith from

  • ecofriendlyS 2 years ago

    I am woman and this is never would happened with me. My ex.boyfriend had to
    wait till I visit his house for over two weeks and spend with me over 25
    hours on dates and wait nearly a month after that till I was ready to move
    father. Not, every woman is the same … the one you talk about in this
    video are sluts just exactly the same as this man who want just to use them.

  • nlcorke 2 years ago

    @steveo20007 I’m an attractive 21 year old woman. Don’t take offence to
    what I said before. It’s just my opinion.

  • nlcorke 2 years ago

    This is HORRIBLE advice. Women NEED to be taken out on dates. Men need to
    stop being so cheap and just do it the old fashioned way- take the time and
    money to take a woman out on a date. As if women will be chasing men- god
    that will be the day lol.

  • Nicholas Guerrero 2 years ago

    Yep, all true. But you need to realize these people are stuck in the
    matrix. So give them some room and inspire them.

  • STORYTASTIC 2 years ago

    RBrilliant as always Thank you Brent you Fucking genius!espond to this

  • nlcorke 2 years ago

    He really needs to get rid of that pubic hair he calls a mustache on his
    face. Yuck! And this is a woman’s advice.

  • nlcorke 2 years ago

    @STORYTASTIC This is still horrible advice! This video is just basically
    saying that men are cheap and lazy. Period.

  • nlcorke 2 years ago

    @steveo20007 I’m an attractive 21 year old woman. The only men who would
    actually follow this little man’s advice are Tucker Max wannabes.

  • KatjaSwe1988 2 years ago

    And guys yell at me for saying guys only want to fuck with you when they
    wanna hang out…

  • STORYTASTIC 2 years ago

    @ERICWAGNERSLUCID ah…English please ok Genius???

  • John Matton 2 years ago

    Yeah… This will only work on the sluts! (The opposite of what I want)

  • ecofriendlyS 2 years ago

    Thanx for pointing why so many jerks today. Are you teaching guys how to be
    a users ? Now I understand why they don’t want this days relationship
    anymore and specially marriage. Why buy cowl if you can get a free milk and
    a lesson is right here…… Very sad to know that real man disappearing
    very fast this days.

  • ryanshinny 2 years ago

    @nlcorke And that’s the type of bullshit our society has led you to believe
    while you grew up into miss pretty little lazy thing. That women are BETTER
    than men. And you label men as sexist? Think about it hun, you sit around
    on your ass all day and can get guys coming up to you buying you crap,
    taking you out, doing you any favor you ask… Hypocritical. You don’t see
    the truth, but any woman would be willing to go along with a guy that has
    this strong mindset.

  • jonas brave 2 years ago

    1) are you placing women OVER men in the interaction – that by inviting her
    over over he is ‘getting’ something but she’s getting no value? 2) ‘milk
    for free’ – are you implying women should be bought dinners for sex? ^ This
    is the old, screwed-up way of thinking. Women today can take responsibility
    and empower what they want in their lives. The proof is the women are

  • fatalfuryguy 2 years ago

    @MegaE38 rather listen to this guy that shitdown’s lead cunt

  • hakkouamine93 2 years ago

    connard ! pkoi le brent smith dans le titre ?

  • Amer Mughrabi 2 years ago

    @steveo20007 ask the 17 people who liked this comment…!!and i think you
    must stop jerking for a while..and by the way,i don’t need videos to teach
    me how to get laid!!

  • ojoreakatheoj 2 years ago

    You’re assuming Brent would advocate for men getting into long term
    committed relationships; however, he says “there’s nothing sexy about
    committed long term relationships.” There is a bigger picture. It’s not
    about using people. It’s about being care free, rather than a needy creepy
    pursuer of women.