Added by on February 26, 2014

These are just my opinions and stuff I've witnessed:3 so sorry if you don't agree. Have a great valentines/forever alone day.



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  • Jennifer Gardner 3 years ago

    Girls like kittens as well ^^

  • marissa Lime 3 years ago

    Hi! Just wanted yo say that I have watched all your videos. Love em.
    Amazing voice, makes me smile. Would love to actually know you maybe ^_^
    yeah so… if you want, check out my 2 vids, I’d appreciate it :D

  • Nikole Blankenship 3 years ago

    your not alone you can talk to me(:

  • Hope Davis 3 years ago

    lol puppies always work 

  • Kat Love 3 years ago

    Don’t Be Thinkin Bout All That Dirty Shit Now cx

  • StayGold Johnny Cakes 3 years ago

    I like how u pulled out a dog