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Borat visits a dating agency.



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  • sheemobile 3 years ago

    Borat: Should I tell this Joke Lady:….Probably not lol

  • seaorbit99 3 years ago

    This is the funiest borat video on youtube 🙂

  • xxbuliusx 3 years ago

    yeah that realy funny he does stull opposite the other women sad :DDD xD

  • HdDan13 3 years ago

    She’s got a cracking pair of legs

  • lizapetal 3 years ago

    what is Bluepont? Let me google it…American women using it???

  • chicky123sb 3 years ago

    funny video

  • MzGreenEyes89 3 years ago

    LOL @ 4.44… that fake laugh… so painfull to watch.. EEK

  • PRINCEH4RMING 3 years ago

    “Although I am big, like a can of pepsi”

  • HydrauIics 3 years ago

    calm down hillary its just a clip

  • deadroses12 3 years ago

    Actually, he spelled “dumb” correctly in the first sentence. In the last
    sentence, he spelling it wrong. It’s obvious that the second time he
    spelling it wrong was probably a typographical error which I am sure you
    yourself have made from time to time.Then to call him a “fucking idiot” and
    “dipshit” just shows your low level of intelligence. Plus, he said “Borat
    makes his victims dumb like this lady”. He didn’t imply that only women are
    dumb victims, that was your ignorant interpretation.

  • Atlantisfan119 3 years ago

    Lol “so eeh when do we have the sexy intercourse” “no, you and me”

  • shniobo 3 years ago

    ” when do we have sexual intercourse… and you !! looooool what a guy

  • shniobo 3 years ago

    “she must be tight man’s anus” looool

  • flamboyantey 3 years ago

    lol…i love the plough experience

  • Izolda G 3 years ago

    😀 what is ‘plaw’ experience?

  • Ashish Chitrakar 3 years ago

    I read some of the comments on here. I think this is a reasonable video. My
    bro wants to get powerful with women of all ages. He learned a fuck load
    from Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on
    picking up girls.) The tips for how to get girls in clubs in the emails
    coming from that website gave got him his 1st lays in about 3 yrs. I became
    pissed however coz I heard them all.

  • neha shrestha 3 years ago

    Superb video clip. I’d been so mystified seeing my good friend change from
    being lame to a ladies man. He started getting chicks over night. I found
    myself stunned. He pretended he failed to notice. He then told me while he
    was drunk. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction
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  • XXXXXXbfmvXXXXXX 3 years ago

    no history of retardation in family. xD

  • chordchart 3 years ago

    this guy is so funny

  • Thunderhouse2 3 years ago

    “But if you cheat on me I’ll CRUSH you” Lol!

  • redcoats2006 3 years ago

    i like ahh sexytime ok

  • cornholio777 3 years ago

    Borat do n’t listen to here..Women r full of ballony….do ur thing

  • CAPPELA 3 years ago

    the chair walk with his shoes , lalalalala , the chair is walking !
    hahahaha FTW

  • XXXXXXbfmvXXXXXX 3 years ago

    no history of retardation in family. xD

  • Jason Bourne 3 years ago

    Snoop Dog? No. Shoot…shoot dog.

  • shoesize44 3 years ago

    the chair…lol what a killer

  • hotpepper21 3 years ago

    i like it mouth, lol fun shit!!

  • lastrohm 3 years ago

    i luv the face he makes when he says “no jews”

  • rebeccastone12 3 years ago

    very funny Borat!…but if you really want to be smart in dating American
    women….use Bluepont …lol

  • astrastyle 3 years ago

    yes but no jew! :d

  • Eddie G 3 years ago

    I… I like it in the mouth… yes is nice…

  • msahota 3 years ago

    7:20 lolololololol

  • HAJJ80 3 years ago

    yeah..! no jews..hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pjmurphy96 3 years ago

    I am big like can of pepsi…..Ha Ha

  • Eddie G 3 years ago

    4:26 epic joke =D

  • Anna Hovhannisyan 3 years ago

    aaaaaahahha ahhahaomg hahahahhahahahahahahahah ah xD xD

  • Jeff Conrad 3 years ago

    SPAM ! !