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  • ExBruinsFan 2 years ago

    To a woman, a male friend is a guy who will do shit for her, without her
    having to put out. You might as well be gay.

  • Lara Logan 2 years ago

    i love nia and bill!!! had a good laugh…

  • MCTeaRopes 2 years ago

    Nia has all the personality of the dry flakey skin on the underside of my
    ball sac

  • arcana ten 2 years ago

    ok, when you and they are drunk at a summer party, lie on the floor in the
    garden and ask them to lie down next to you ‘do you ever see like people
    dancing in the clouds’
    Then shag em.

  • matt carter 2 years ago

    7:33 best advice nia has ever given

  • RotGtIE 2 years ago

    Typical Nia. She can’t figure out why it’s so hard to give dating advice
    for men, then Bill points out that she’s never been in the position of
    having to be a man trying to hook up with a chick (which is a completely
    reasonable explanation for the difficulty she is having), and she
    immediately sneers and gets bitchy. Just shuts it down with a “we’re not
    going there.”

    It boggles the mind as to how such an easily-offended person somehow lives
    with Bill Burr. One would think you’d need tougher skin to cohabitate with

  • RESISTING1 2 years ago

    Bill totally bombed this one. Terrible advice. If this kid is reading,
    focus on your hobby/passion whatever (i.e if you draw continue being better
    at it) and be more social in terms of having more guys friends around you
    who seek your company. And then the pussy will come to you naturally as
    you’re seen to be a leader, passionate and interesting person. Also,
    remember that a lot of guys didn’t get laid in HS so it isn’t a big deal.

  • Chris Littleton 2 years ago

    yeah black dynamite nia is annoying as fuck nia allways seem to fuck up
    bills vibe

  • Nia isn’t whiny or annoying unless Bill gets her into one of those ruts and
    its like “come on dudes, be a little self aware” but with her she feels it
    so its like ok, lets try to figure out if we can pave this road, so you can
    make the turn instead of fish tailing.

    Its an interesting window into seeing what happens when he practices what
    he preaches.

    Course its a bit fudged to have the world in on it, but w/e you don’t blame
    a dude who’s made his money in farming from smelling like farm.

  • Pwrinkle Johnson 2 years ago

    The next time she says something especially funny…give her your sweetest
    look and smile and say”you are just too cute,I like you” then say you have
    to go but you’ll catch her later. AND make sure to look back at her as you
    walk away. Men in general don’t feel the need to look back and get one more
    glimpse so if she can catch you doing that…bam! Best of luck to you!

  • General420smoke 2 years ago

    im gonna quote patrice and say: if you give your time to a girl and she
    doesnt fuck you, you are her time-hoe. 

  • Ian McCullough 2 years ago

    Billy Freckles…. The man without a country…. I’m freaking crackin up at
    work lmao!!

  • Sheldon Prescott 2 years ago

    Hey Sally, nice fuckin rack lmao I’m dead lol.

  • TheRubidiy 2 years ago

    “Hey, Nia! Can you help that kid to get laid?!”
    Laughed my ass off ))))))))))))))))))))

  • ivan vuckovic 2 years ago

    im cool