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BTW there's a part 2. Look for it.



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  • SnowHawk601 4 years ago

    Interesting how you said they send people to flirt. Last year when I was on match, this Zombie Girl from Colorado kept sending me winks.

    There were 2 girls that were interested in meeting me, 1 girl decided to call me her boyfriend. Since I wasn’t into dating 2 women at once, I told the other girl I’d like to be friends at first and she stopped talking to me. I’ve chatted both on em@il, and the girl I dated, we talked on the phone. We broke up, she was looking for lust not love.

  • Brandtley86 4 years ago

    AMBW baby. You’ll never lonely again

  • pokemon619123 4 years ago

    scammers are now in backpage now posting their fake websites

  • Lemmy Frommotorhead 4 years ago

    Stay away from those sites!!! Get into the real world and meet people. I hate those scammers! If people weren’t so naive, these assholes would be out of business

  • ghengismaul 4 years ago

    I can be happy alone – don’t have to answer to anyone n I know my wallet will be safe ! lol

  • ghengismaul 4 years ago

    good video guy. Oh man – whatta world whatta world. Its so not cool to have to pay to meet someone, And God forbid someone from Nigeria may want (hee hee hee) to meet you! I actually used to get russian eastern european girls telling me that they were in love with me and that i was their dream prince. oh n this after only 2 days of emailing them  – awesome huh ? -lol

  • kevint905 4 years ago

    I know 2 other free dating sites. Results were the same for me.

  • kevint905 4 years ago

    @RiseAgainstTyranny Very interesting. Thanks for the info.

  • ImmortalKnight77 4 years ago

    Indeed the only dating site that I tried was plenty of fish because 1. it was free 2. I was told to give it a try from a someone so I did. After sending over 80 messages and not getting a reply back I deleated my profile and gave up. The hell with these dating sites.

  • ImmortalKnight77 4 years ago

    @904Caller Yeah thats why I enjoy listening to elderly people and their stories and getting advise from them. They had way better morals than people of theyounger generation then again life back then was still not perfect.

  • kevint905 4 years ago

    @904Caller So true!