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  • Parker Duane 4 years ago

    Good advice Vanea but the coffee shop should not be too quiet either.

  • Donnie Montesano 4 years ago

    I asked a girl out that I have been talking to on a dating site to the air show this weekend, We have not met although I thought it would be a good icebreaker she accepted to meet at the airport where its being held. I thought of making a light picnic lunch for us…Wish me luck and thanks for the advice.D

  • River Brigham 4 years ago

    I have a good personality and have lots of female friends, but I had a hard time getting the courage to ask them out. Got stuck in the friend position always Then my friend told me about this video and by using their tips I was able to find a date the NEXT day!! Wanna learn more? I’ve posted a link to this video on my channel.

  • punte yadav 4 years ago

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  • 2570783062190 4 years ago

    Is she wasn’t sexy i wouldn’t believe shit she’s talking about

  • Jean Skyboy 4 years ago

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  • Mahm bentedos 4 years ago

    Ma’am, are you a Malaysian?

  • Littlefoot4life 4 years ago

    simple tips says always go for the kiss on the first date….what do I do???????

  • sean lim 4 years ago

    something is blocking my view

  • brunoratao 4 years ago

    try to figure out where my accent from /watch?v=5w_UlcKtJdQ tks for watching

  • Marvinvillegas123321 4 years ago

    This Did Not Help.

  • Emmanuel Decarvalho 4 years ago

    If you guys are looking for some really fresh dating advice, and get the man of your dreams at any age, I suggest follow secerttodating on twitter.

  • shakallis 4 years ago

    Yet you find yourself scouring YouTube in search of dating tips…

  • Saleh Easa 4 years ago

    Oh girl, you r such an old fashion or you pretend to be idiot. I bid I can get you to bed from the first date or at least make you some warmth between legs before going back home.

  • Zippy Poozelah 4 years ago

    I’ve never texted a woman in my life. I’ve never texted period. I’ve never read a text
    to know what it looks like. All I know is, woman who talk about rejecting size
    for whatever reason is nonsense and it doesn’t matter. If it did, most of the population
    would never be born.

  • zarathustra718 4 years ago

    Hot asian chick….its a wonderful world

  • Ret1173 4 years ago

    lol….notice I said MOST women like when a guy orders for them i.e some. like you, apparently do not. 

  • vicky thomson 4 years ago

    dont order for us
    its fucking annoying
    thanks <3

  • Mancini Alfonso 4 years ago

    so I meat a girld yesterday and today I met her again. She is not cute nor ugly, she is ok…and she wants to met me agains on thuesday, and I am afraid, and all I want is cry…I do not know why, can you tell me pleas?

    p.s: This is my first time in life.

  • Ret1173 4 years ago

    It’s best to engage in activities that are free or cost very little money for at least the first 10 dates (you eluded to something similiar). The rest of your suggestions are good ones.

  • Ret1173 4 years ago

    You’re dead wrong in some cases: Women want a guy to take control and lead and therefore most (normal, undamaged) women LOVE when a guy orders for them provided that it’s done tastefully, in a nice way and with some input from the woman. A guy covering the bill on the first date = bad idea, it sets up a precedence where the woman thinks the guy is going to pay the bill every time, it can come across as if the guy needs to buy the women’s attention and the guy may feel obligated to do so….

  • Penny Black 4 years ago

    HAHAHAHAHA, butt hurt much moron!?

  • trbot 4 years ago

    you throw “you’re a virgin” around as an insult, and watch first date tip videos. the ladies LOVE you, don’t they. LMAO.

  • Penny Black 4 years ago

    If you had either option you wouldn’t be asking…MORON!

  • Penny Black 4 years ago

    If she doesn’t answer the phone she isn’t interested.

  • spmspm1000 4 years ago

    That is correct. Kissing is a step that comes much later. The female wants to gauge what you’re like, i.e your stamina and size of your cock. Always avoid kissing until the second or third date.

  • thegrumpets104 4 years ago

    Your a genus !!

  • Cuzzer55 4 years ago

    dam your very fine ;)

  • NoneWordsToSay 4 years ago

    On our first date. Can’t we just have sex? And then the second date we can add kissing right?