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3 dating tips that will definitely help your love life! CAN WE GET THIS TO 6,000 LIKES?

TWIN CHALLENGE – (waiting on new link)

Hunter March

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  • Jason Anderson 2 years ago

    best advice I’ve ever been given is “don’t be an idiot” 

  • RuthieRue 2 years ago

    WHOA HOLD UP! He said like this video if u wish it was the weekend? WHY

  • Hazel Young 2 years ago


  • Krista Raymond 2 years ago

    Thank u!!! I’m so sick of people asking me what to text guys back!!! U
    speak the truth Hunter!

  • athziri martinez 2 years ago

    I need help, I really like this guy and he likes me to and I think hes
    going to ask me out but im not allowed to…should I say yes or should I
    talk to my parents??

  • Mylan Young 2 years ago

    I find it funny how AwesomnessTV has so many subscribers and views, but
    their goal is only 6,000 likes. Maybe it’s because they’re always like
    “like this video if you’re breathing” lol

  • Layla Wilkins 2 years ago

    My dating advice is DONT DATE TADA

  • Elizabeth13 2 years ago

    #dearhunter I’ve liked this guy in my school since basically the second day
    of school and I’ve recently found out he also likes me but, he never told
    me he told all my friends which have told me. When ever I question him
    about it he says he just wants to be friends. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!?

  • genny eckerle 2 years ago

    What do I do if my crush likes my best friend?

  • Aysha Ghodi 2 years ago

    I find it ironic how rule number 1 was don’t rush things, however this
    video seemed very rushed… Just me or nah? Aha great video thoo 

  • bradyweaver150 2 years ago

    He’s gay though

  • Shelby Mcneur 2 years ago

    Okay, so there is this person and I really like him but we don’t even talk
    much. When I do I get all flustered and don’t even sound interesting. I
    don’t know how to talk to him and become that awesome friend that one day
    might become something more…. help.

  • Georgie 2 years ago

    If they treat you like an option why would u make them a priority 

  • Tia Dora 2 years ago

    actually, i don’t wish for it to be the weekend rn… cuz it’s MARCH
    BREAK!! 😀 

  • Giorgia Markos 2 years ago

    Wow!! I’m so early!

  • Greeneyes trustnone 2 years ago

    Lol I was went on a date . and the date I went on with the guy he rushed it
    by asking me to be his girlfriend and like I agree because he was perfect
    the date was perfect our first kiss too man he made my heart melt. But
    then! Shxt we agreed that we were both scared that he would fall for me and
    I would fall for him and now like we did cleared the air about everything .
    but yeah. 

  • tea medić 2 years ago

    #dearhunter #dearhunteroranyone
    Okay so there’s this guy in my class and he didn’t invite me to his
    birthday party,it wouldn’t be such a problem if he didn’t stare at me in
    every class,if I sit behind him he will turn back to see if I’m looking at
    him,he only tries to make me laugh,not any other girls and he smiles when
    he sees me.It’s kinda weird he didn’t invite me to his brthday party bc I’m
    literally friends and nice with everybody ok so clearly he didn’t invite me
    because he doesn’t like me but then why si he looking at me and smiling
    around me and trying to make me laugh?Helppp girls/Hunter/whoever 

  • Lamont Odum 2 years ago

    Another tip: Space is important just as much of being together 24/7

  • Music Is My Life 2 years ago

    #DearHunter I have this guy friend and I like us as friends i dont want
    us to be anything more than friends. But I feel like I’m getting feelings
    for him how to I keep myself from feeling this way

  • Stephanie Glynn 2 years ago

    The best piece of advice I’ve learned is men are desserts you want one for
    yourself and end up regretting it in the long run
    (No offense to guys)
    You will find the right guy at the right time 

  • lizzy 105 2 years ago

    “Follow your heart”❤️

    By:Your friend

  • HannahClaire 2 years ago

    My crush and I grew up together and his dad is my dads best friend but he
    looks at the ground if I say anything (he replies quietly) we are a lot
    alike both shy he is always trying to impress me but he never really talks
    to me we always catch one another looking at each other WHAT DO I DO!? Help

  • Fauve&Sarah 2 years ago

    I wish i could just text or email Hunter so i could talk to him and get
    advise, because i’m the friend who usualy gives advise more than i ask for

  • Krasser- Alois : News Portal 2 years ago

    Super Alois

  • Melissa Gozzola 2 years ago

    couldn’t have posted this in December?

  • Lydia Davidsmeier 2 years ago

    “be yourself” like said above, but it really does mean more to be yourself
    than try to be someone else. actually, thats a good life motto. (: <3

  • maria youdon'tneedmylatstname 2 years ago

    under 301 clube

  • BaileyBear0019 2 years ago


  • Dorothy Collins 2 years ago

    Best dating advice I’ve gotten: Let the guy pay. Yes.. Even if you really
    don’t want him to, just let the guy pay. I’ve actually gotten a death stare
    from my boyfriend for pulling out my wallet once. But just let him pay. It
    saves you money and gets rid of the money that is burning a hike in his

  • Manal Alrawi 2 years ago

    Follow me on Instagram manal_alrawi :)

  • Makayla B 2 years ago

    lmao this dude I’m talking to is also talking to my best friend and i dont
    know what to do aha