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A few things every skinny guy should be aware of when it comes to meeting girls and asking girl out on a date. – practical dating tips and relationship advice



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  • 538659 2 years ago

    it’s amazing how men want women to be skinny but don’t want to be skinny
    themselves. HYPOCRITES

  • Biren Patel 2 years ago

    @rofler15 Sorry for the late reply here. I workout 4 days a week. On
    Mondays/Thursdays I do bridges and pull ups. On Tuesdays/Fridays I do
    l-sits, pistol squats, and pushups. Basically I follow the exercises in a
    book called Convict Conditioning – it’s literally my Bible. I don’t follow
    a diet, I just eat very clean…no junk food except on one day of the week.
    Eat lots of nuts & fruit. It works too: 11 weeks now and I’ve gained around
    7 to 9 lbs & I’ve lost fat. Definitely get that book!

  • AHR320 2 years ago

    I’m 23 years old 5’6 110lbs. I can eat anything and not gain a pound
    because of my high metabolism. I hate being asked “Do you eat?”, like realy
    you had to go there lol. You meet someone new and thats the first thing you
    get told. Hell of an introduction lol, but my answer like always is a
    simple “yes”. I always been skinny guy, and love who and what I am. The
    lady has to do the same.

  • MrArmandito3000 2 years ago

    Its better then being fat

  • Gale Anderson 2 years ago

    Am I like….the only chick around that likes skinny/petite doods? @_@

  • jacob headway 2 years ago

    that’s the most accurate post

  • LuckynumberSlevin11 2 years ago

    Hey man no need to get all burt-hut for being lanky. In general I’m right.
    I have the results and theory to prove it, You are prob just an ego, a
    lanky ego at that. ROFL>+_ROFL. HahA !!!111!!

  • MastaGT 2 years ago

    @wushumon88 LOL sure whatever helps you sleep at night buddy, big bulk is

  • Nicholas Demetriades 2 years ago

    @CrashxoBandicoot thats good im 16, 5 11 135

  • knight39851 2 years ago

    i love how every single vid and thing i’ve watched says work out more and
    eat healthy i do both those things i eat a protien shake in the mornings i
    eat a sandwhich and a some chips at lunch and at dinner time i eat
    something random for dinner. And every morning i wake up and lift my 40
    pound waits and i lift them again whenn im about to go to bed still nothing!

  • CrashxoBandicoot 2 years ago

    im 6″0 and 155lbs idk if thats too skinny

  • DeeCole 2 years ago

    skinny guys have it easy

  • shesgoneify 2 years ago

    @Hunter11 Yeah. I used to be a skinny guy here. I did everything to have a
    buff body but was frustrated about it.Until my friend recommended me this
    site: And in just a few weeks of following its
    training program, I gained almost 10lbs of muscles in my body. Couldnt be
    more happier. :))

  • MrShortCropped 2 years ago

    how old are you? my w8 is now 55 kg.

  • Jeffrey Tanner 2 years ago

    @rowsdower12 I’m the scrawny one. I’m 16 being 5’5 weighing in at 104 or
    105. Worse thing is. I’m fucking 16.

  • robulrich 2 years ago

    @LuckynumberSlevin11 you do realize that steroids shrink your balls, right?

  • Emily Egermeier 2 years ago

    i agree with you that our society does idolize celebrities that are
    muscular, however i’m a teenage girl, and i actually find skinny/average
    guys more attractive. i like it more than a lot of crazy muscles. it’s
    realistic, and i want a guy that looks my age rather than one who looks 25.

  • sajina chauguthi 2 years ago

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    weeks got outstanding at obtaining all women. The guy found the Master
    Attraction website (Look in Google) by Jake Ayres. Now I hear him bringing
    women back. He’s continuously bringing girls back and I hear it. It’s
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  • garycalgary 2 years ago

    if you ever get tired of hunting the girls i’m always ready for ya cuz you
    are HOT

  • jacob headway 2 years ago

    this guy was brought up with 10 sisters, he was the only son

  • eric maurer 2 years ago

    What if your wiener is skinny?

  • toni khan 2 years ago

    this guy talks like borat lol

  • MrJr01 2 years ago

    Lol steriods, are you serious? That won’t do anything

  • MrJr01 2 years ago

    Another ignorant loudmouth who knows shit about roids… steroids aren’t
    some magical supplements which will make your muscles grow big if you take

  • ladistar 2 years ago

    @gokartmaster14 hahaha are u really fat dude

  • Dmacho78 2 years ago

    It’s funny how everyone assumes that muscular men are full of themselves.
    Obviously, people are intimidated and jealous of men with muscular
    physiques, and judging by the way women react when seeing men with those
    physiques, they like them more that this guy is willing to admit. Just
    because you don’t have muscles doesn’t mean women don’t like them. Women
    don’t like skinny guys.

  • Max Pang 2 years ago

    U skinny little bitch!! obsessed? Vain? People like you won’t understand a
    fraction of what we go through day in n day out in the are
    contradicting yourself in the last part that skinny is no big deal,you can
    start working out..blah…blah.. what the fuck are you talking about? It
    takes years of hardwork n dedication to get massive. I guess your working
    is looking at chicks ass or curling a 5 lbs dumbbell.. go get a life you
    dumb fuck!!

  • Ben Rioga 2 years ago

    The media are continuously brain washing the nation. That is why girls
    prefer muscular and tall men (cus that is what they see in the movies, tv,
    etc…). It’s sad to say but it’s the reality. It has nothing to o with you
    being insecure or not.

  • khemanig2 2 years ago


  • LuckynumberSlevin11 2 years ago

    Hey talk for yourself buddy. Being skinny = Zero Pussy

  • THE KERNEL 2 years ago

    what matter is the way u speak

  • RainbowTourmaline 2 years ago

    I fucking love you. Seriously. Be my friend please.

  • RussX5Z 2 years ago

    I try to keep myself on the athletic and aesthetic side.

  • kingtubenino 2 years ago

    @TheBRAIN357 sarcasm.

  • russell ramirez 2 years ago

    @MicroscopeSparkles ugh… omg 😉

  • geoffrey park 2 years ago

    woot woot i practically weigh nothing see ya in girlville!!!

  • LuckynumberSlevin11 2 years ago

    @TheBiggamer64 Hey man don’t hate me cuz you ain’t me. Ever since I started
    taking steroids and got big I started getting all kinds of pussy. There’s a
    correlation between how hulky you are and how much pussy you get. You look
    you Darwinian Theory dumbass

  • AHR320 2 years ago

    @flavaj12 right fucking great lol, but I’ll leave the showing off on the
    basketball court. thanks flavaj12.

  • Dean Laughton 2 years ago

    I think that having an athletic physique is ideal, muscular but lean and
    toned. Basically Cristiano Ronaldo. Huge bodybuild types look ugly.

  • Blood Urchin 2 years ago

    I look like a skinny guy.Nobody knows im musculer until I take my shirt
    off. I was at a pool party and when I undressed everybody went
    DAAAAAMMMNN!!!! it was hella funny