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Holy cow… I just saw a video that's absolutely mindblowing.

Josh Pellicer just finished shooting a video that you'll probably notice is a bit… “unconventional.”

But that's a GOOD thing.

New, powerful lessons often look a little weird at first…

And this one is no different!

That's because he's revealing a few Jedi-style techniques that are going to give you an edge over all the other guys out there.

I'll explain that a bit more in a second…

Within the first 5 seconds, I guarantee you'll be thinking “WTF???”

But then…

He'll peel back the wrapping paper and go into some pretty advanced material.

He's “opened the vaults” on this one…

Lots of “next level” stuff.

One concept he touches on will re-frame the entire way you interact with women.

It clears up a mystery that (some) men have been struggling with for thousands of years…

While other men figured it out and kept to themselves (because it means they basically get ALL the women).

Things will take a HUGE up-turn for you when you start using this to get women to subconsciously want to approach you.

See for yourself what I mean

Take this information and use it wisely, my friend.

Wherever your “game” is now…

We're about to throw it into overdrive and slam on the gas!



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  • Tamra Church 2 years ago

    so annoying

  • theressa m.gooden 2 years ago

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    give you some advice right now. Search a dating course known as Sozofintao
    Dating Manual (google it). Seriously, that course has transformed my entire
    life. I probably shouldn’t even be mentioning it cause I don’t want a bunch
    of other guys out there running the same “game” but whatever, I am in a
    great mood today so I’ll share the wealth haha.

  • ADRIAN LUCERO 2 years ago


  • FREDERICK COLEMAN 2 years ago

    can’t wait to try those tips on my next data!

  • Lessie Duke 2 years ago

    does anyone else find his voice annoying 🙁

  • Sonia Chowdhury 2 years ago

    black and white?

  • Hallie Costa 2 years ago

    cool video

  • Christian Galloway 2 years ago

    anyone tried this guide out before?

  • James Rj 2 years ago

    why is it black and white? it’s 2013..

  • howtoattractgirls2 2 years ago

    Pretty effective material! Really I am going to initiate a few within the
    concepts within my next assignment.