Added by on August 30, 2013 Asking the public their opinion on the best summer date idea.



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  • carifee07 4 years ago

    Miss your videos Ben :’) RIP -3

  • Samantha Meyer 4 years ago

    Ben -3

  • StudioSara19 4 years ago

    3:28 haha ur by Hollister!! RIP ben!!

  • izzielue97 4 years ago

    2:37 ben totally checks that girl out hahahah 🙂

  • crosscountry223 4 years ago

    r.i.p Ben Breedlove<31993-2011 December 25 2011 Christmas Day.Ben Breedlove When you look down on the world,smile and know that you will be miss and an insperation to many!Your are with God and The Angels now!You are Healthy now!See you in heaven<3 ~Ben Breedlove 1993-2011 12/2

  • Therese Hobson 4 years ago

    I honestly love you. You are so adorable. R.I.P <33

  • mutayyaba1 4 years ago

    awwwwww i wish i had started to watch your video b4! You are so funny<3

  • ParisLover68 4 years ago

    Haha oh Ben, I love the introduction lol =)…I miss you buddy!='(Just wait…God will give you another chance of life, because your an ANGEL and you DESERVE a miracle!!=’) Him SOMEHOW&SOMEWAY bringing you back to us, because you have SO much to still experience with the people you love & miss down here♥ God will find an organ donner with a decent heart, or any other way he chooses to bring you back cause he will!=’)♥I love you & miss you Ben! Can`t wait to see you down here!R.I.P for now♥

  • Imissyou742011 4 years ago

    I never knew you Ben, but I hope we meet someday, as angels. -3

  • Ami Meharzi 4 years ago

    Wish Ben was still alive :L He was such an amazing person.

  • chrisman737 4 years ago

    I believe in God and angels. Hope to meet you in heaven. R.I.P.

  • Matthew Dolstein 4 years ago

    Ben!  I’m thankful for your life brother – God!!!!!! See you in heaven

  • xxjazzie98xx 4 years ago

    RIP Ben <3

  • stephcruzzz 4 years ago

    You know that feeling you get when someone is being a poser and being rude to everyone.. Yeah I just that feeling from the comment below me..

    Anyways RIP Ben 🙂 you were a great and sweet guy with an amazing personality and I’ll pray for your family!

  • TheVanillaCows 4 years ago

    Rest in peace. Heaven exists :,)

  • Jshupsky87 4 years ago

    I did not know you but you are in a better place. God gave you 18 great years on this earth and I am praying for your family. I’ve watched all your videos and you were so young with such great potential in life. But God had cryer plans for you and your up in heaven smiling down. RIP you have touched so many.:)

  • blankblank0blah 4 years ago

    Rest easy baby -3

  • Helen Williams 4 years ago

    RIP Ben, I just started to watch your videos and you were an amazing person <3

  • Kayla Presley 4 years ago

    I love the coffee cup 😛

  • basedgodboy 4 years ago

    your my HERO Ben BreedLove

  • disfordelightfulify 4 years ago

    there’s my dorm in the background! hook em horns!

  • Tayzia Harrington 4 years ago

    R.I.P. 🙁

  • 89BieberJustin 4 years ago

    Im gunna miss being able to watch all you new videos…R.I.P Ben, we love you !

  • HelloHollywood1996 4 years ago

    Crazy to think that someone on YouTube that I watch, died. Miss you so much Ben -3

  • Kevin B 4 years ago

    Hope to meet you in Heaven.

  • weradorkable350 4 years ago

    RIP ben

  • PindyFLove13 4 years ago

    R.i.p Ben Never forgotten <3 

  • Cathrocko 4 years ago

    Rip Ben

  • THORSON UTALL 4 years ago

    (long story)…i’m a guy on my sisters accouny

  • ashley godwin 4 years ago

    female 🙂

  • Deborah Chelsea 4 years ago


  • Laura Nguyen 4 years ago

    I subbed 🙂 

  • 502455 4 years ago

    Holy snap I know the dude at 3:22. Small world 🙂

  • Helen C 4 years ago

    i love how you edit these videos ! 🙂

  • naughtybabes1 4 years ago


  • Forevermyself07 4 years ago


  • sassyb96 4 years ago


  • ccorbz 4 years ago

    I find these date ideas wierd lol great channel though : )

  • locuus mafuz 4 years ago


  • BOOMitsa 4 years ago

    female (:

  • cherry queen 4 years ago

    3:32 lol nice microphone <3 XD

  • JustinBieberFan9090 4 years ago

    ben looked like he really wanted to laugh when interviewing people 😛