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Going on a double date with your friend and her boyfriend? Here are some tips to make sure all four of you have the perfect date!

Check back next week for my next topic: How To Deal With A Friend Who Ditched You For Her Boyfriend!

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  • Charlotte Anne Jane 2 years ago

    I wish I had a double date. My best friend has a happy relationship and I
    envy her. I’m sick of being single. I’m very happy about her and very sad
    about myself. Why can’t I have a boyfriend? :(

  • Megan Loves 2 years ago

    Could you do a video about meeting parents?! ❤️

  • Emily Grace 2 years ago

    Shallon, I’m going to see the guy I like next Friday! But he’s always with
    his friends or with one of his parents. 🙁 What do I do?? I would flirt or
    try to talk to him but it would be awkward with either of them around. I
    hope you see this and can answer!! I love your videos!! You give such great
    advice, I hope you never stop doing them!!! 🙂 

  • Sarah Chedra 2 years ago

    Hey Shallon I am going into uni, could you give some tips about making
    friends and getting people to want to be your boyfriend? Sarah

  • Harper Melody Simone 2 years ago

    What is the best seating arrangement for a double date? Like if we go to
    the movies? Should it go boy girl boy girl? Boy girl girl boy? Does it
    matter? What about at a restaurant? Thanks!

  • Sarah Cameron 2 years ago

    Can you do a video on what to get your boyfriend on valentines

  • koel18 2 years ago

    nice video shallon

  • Gizem Karaca 2 years ago

    Thank youu! <3