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Your crush asked you out…so now what?! Here are tips and tricks for your first date with your crush and how to make him ask you out on a second date!

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  • Alex Kennedy 2 years ago

    Your video was stupid it glitches all the time and befor you finished it
    gliched you out and then yo post the disaster 

  • Rosie Segal 2 years ago

    you should wright a book that is only on relationships and self confidence
    you are just great !

  • Diana Shalabi 2 years ago

    lol what happened at the end??

  • Shallon Lester 2 years ago
  • Jakob Hollen 2 years ago

    Shalon I beg for your help my guy freind new I like this girl and he still
    asked her out. Then she said yes but she still stares at me in class and we
    have a ton in commen

  • Rachel Hollingsworth 2 years ago

    Omg MCR lol

  • Megan Hunter 2 years ago

    You post lots of stuff about how to tell if a boy likes you, but how can
    you tell if you like a boy???

  • Marlene Hernandez 2 years ago

    Oh shallon i love your advice so much and i love downtown girls! I can
    tottaly relate to you!
    I was hopeing you could help me out you see.. soo i like or think i like my
    best guy friend i mean everyone always thinks we are already going out
    (even teachers did) soo i’m not sure if thats where i got the idea anyway
    we’ve been friends for about 2 years now but before we started being
    friends he had a crush on me and i never did (i liked another guy) and
    things where so calm after that like when we really started talking he
    never mentioned it and he talked about other girls and i was cool with it
    but through out the last year theirs times when i think i like him but the
    feeling always goes away so i ignore it but with his last 3 girlfriends he
    has broke up becouse of me.. i dont do anything but they think theirs
    something between us (which kinda makes me happy i mean i dont think their
    for him and my girl best friend says thats a sign of me likeing him) but
    then we gratuated and ive been so busy with my new school activities and so
    has he and we really didnt talk likr at all which got me really sad and i
    stared to miss him like badly and im not sure if its becouse i like him or
    i just miss my best friend and he has a new girlfriend which he really
    really seems to like and normaly that would not ever bother me (because in
    past times he would always pick me.. yes i know thats selfish) but now i
    feel so insecure and i dont want to lose him and i normaly would be against
    telling him i like him but in past times ive always made it clear i dont
    like him and i just wanted to be friends so i doubt he will ever make a
    move again and i stupidly think maybe if i tell him i like him now things
    will get back to normal but im not sure at all what to do ….. h e l p :(