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Watch Part 1 of our interview: Sam and Cat star Ariana Grande chats about boyfriend Nathan Sykes from The Wanted, dating tips and her o…



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  • One Direction Fan Page 4 years ago

    Ariana Grande talking about One Direction at 3:20


  • Natalia Sebakijje 4 years ago

    “I sound like Lucky Charms” AHAHAAHA oh Ari… LOL

  • minecraftmenace25 4 years ago

    Let the boy initiate, it’s easy…
    Yeah for you it fucking is…

  • Sizilaner93 4 years ago

    I love her!!

  • Genesis Kravitz 4 years ago

    “What do I make of them? I don’t know what that means…” Ariana, girl.
    Don’t be be an idiot and just answer the damn question. Earth is right over

  • Megan Sedghi 4 years ago

    Ariana brings positivity into the world and thats what i love about her!!
    haha the reporter asks a question that invited her to bash miley…but
    instead she turns it around and compliments miley! 

  • Adam Frey 4 years ago

    It’s crazy to not see her acting dumb.

  • Elle Parker 4 years ago


  • Cesar Salazar 4 years ago

    is it just me or does ariana look like she’s high?

  • Julia Lucignoli 4 years ago

    She’s really pretty. But there’s something about her and her music that is
    really boring. 

  • biebersdilemma 4 years ago

    shes like me, she cant look into the eyes of the person with whom she is
    speaking im freaking out.

  • Keanu Guzman 4 years ago

    @sogarath sike, shes mine

  • benedict Jaegar 4 years ago

    she’s perrrfffeeeccccttttt<3

  • sophie short 4 years ago

    does anyone know what curler ariana uses?

  • Reece ByrneTV 4 years ago

    id rape you in the stadium

  • Jay West 4 years ago

    I really like this girl. Super talented.

  • Simi Sanni 4 years ago

    wait @5:27 was she imitating Ariana LOOL

  • TomKennyIsLovely 4 years ago


  • Franco Gatica 4 years ago

    My godness, she looks amazing with that hair!! It was high time she had
    gotten rid of that read hair she had

  • Alyssa De Wit 4 years ago

    She reminds me of Jess from New Girl so cute!

  • Courtney Mcconkey 4 years ago

    I love Ariana’s eyes there to cute (:

  • Julia Jimmy Stone 4 years ago

    When she’s Cat, she uses a really ditzy high voice bc that’s cats

  • breanne baughman 4 years ago

    I can’t decide whether she’s a boring person or she’s just dumb… But,
    either way it doesn’t seem like she’s all there.
    But, she has a beautiful voice, i’ll give her that.


  • beaniescx 4 years ago

    Her voice is higher when acting .-.

  • Damyia Clark 4 years ago

    I just love her for being her self and no one else yo like 4real I♡♥U
    Arian@ Grand£

    Nathan+Ariana=♡♥/also adorable

  • holly saggers 4 years ago

    She says like a lot but I over her sooooo much