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Should you follow the dating advice that suggests that you should never apologize to women because it's a sign of weakness. – practical dating and relationship advice



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  • dseanm21 2 years ago

    There’s 4 women to every man in the world, and your saying I should
    apologize even if I might be right. What if she disrespects you as a man,
    what should do after some time has pass, Apologize? HAH! I rather go
    through a 100 days of sorrow, I’m a man! Fuck that bitch!

  • pittsens 2 years ago

    I agree with you..

  • kyke00 2 years ago

    Great video and advice arkady, but that doesnt mean you should apologize
    for everytime you said something that she didn´t like ,for example a cocky
    funny comment or im wrong

  • PracticalHappiness - Practical Dating Tips and Relationship Advice 2 years ago

    Good question and a hard task to accomplish. You try to flirt, tease, be
    funny and tease, make physical moves and see if it changes anything. If
    not, you are better off moving on and trying to start things on a romantic
    level with another woman.

  • Ghaztoir 2 years ago

    Attack the balls eh? Well, if that doesn’t get your morale up around them,
    I don’t know what does…

  • MiikkaKipper 2 years ago

    i think what the “othe dating tips” mean by apologizing to women is when
    you say “excuse me…blahblahblah…” to strike up a convo with a stranger
    it shows that you’re wimpy and spineless to hafta “apologize” before you
    even know the person. Your advice is in fact when you actually do something
    wrong…good advice though!

  • CityHunter84 2 years ago

    apologise only when needed.

  • legendnemesis 2 years ago

    hey man i am stuck in a sexual harassment case any suggestions on that…..

  • TheZafzafinu 2 years ago

    Why do relationships end because sometimes the girl say that she stopped
    loving the boy and shes fed up.. ??

  • David Young 2 years ago

    Nice kitchen

  • hatiandarnel 2 years ago

    I agree but the severity of a dispute should also determine whether or not
    there should be an apology. In some cases i’ve noticed my parents argue and
    they would never apologize to each other. Eventually the situation calms
    down but the bad feelings linger on and they’re not happy to be around each
    other. Over time this will eventually cause any relationship to die out.

  • Steve Alexander 2 years ago

    I think you have to be sincere with girls, that’s the number one thing.
    Keep it brief and to the point though, and once its dealt with, move on to
    another conversation topic. If you’re having difficulties, stop whatever
    you’ve been doing (texting, calling) and try indifference. This is another
    way of saying ‘be cool’, be sincere, confident, and cool with girls as much
    as you can. Try to defuse drama, and come across as cool and indifferent,
    be a man.

  • pipdaddy7 2 years ago

    thank you my friends say not to do that but i did it and i got another date

  • Harrow Derr 2 years ago

    But men, don’t forget that insecure women like to dump their insecurities
    on you cause they can’t accept it themselves. Don’t fall for that. If you
    know you did wrong, be a man and apologize for it. But if a woman tries to
    trap you with some foolishness, then forget it. Shes got security issues
    that you dont want to deal with.

  • Crassus Decimus 2 years ago

    When is this ‘expert’ going to do an in-field video? Let’s see you in
    action talking to women. Practice what you preach bro.

  • Royalsteven 2 years ago

    Apologizing also has it’s limits. Doing it too often makes you a playtoy of
    a woman. Saying ‘sorry dear, it was my fault’ too many times creates the
    impression you are to blame/are wrong all the time. There’s most of the
    time never one side wrong, most of the time both a little bit.

  • Wajahat Baloch 2 years ago

    Give him a fucking knighthood!

  • PracticalHappiness - Practical Dating Tips and Relationship Advice 2 years ago


  • samazn20 2 years ago

    i just told this last week “hey, i’m sorry about last week.. i was just

  • Mark Lehmann 2 years ago

    I totally agree with you…Furthermore apologizing is simply civilized
    behavior, there’s nothing wrong about it if you don’t exaggerate…

  • ladybluluv 2 years ago

    @D119heavy Whatever. I have heard, read, and observed a LARGE percentage of
    males that believe that. Not ALL females are like that, though. Also, I
    happen to observe that many MEN like women being mean to them and who treat
    them like shit. We even asked my nephew, who is a really nice guy, if he
    would still bother with a girl, talk to her, etc. if she was mean to him
    and he thought for a few seconds and said ‘Yeah,…probably’. Guess some
    like mean and some nice. Who knows?

  • BboyGrimm 2 years ago

    this guy must be a libra……. 🙂

  • Rank000 2 years ago

    man, how come I didnt watch ur videos 3 years ago, I wouldn’t have been
    heartbreaken -.- stupid me XD darn, its true, do not beg for forgivness!
    never ever!

  • davidattends 2 years ago

    I’ve been watching MANY of your videos in the last day, and this one is
    pure wisdom. Apologizing is not about kneeling and begging, and “you should
    apologize with pride”, with the conviction that you are sorry about your
    mistakes…. Man, no one, even my father nor my big brother (great men) had
    told me that.

  • ladybluluv 2 years ago

    Women DON’T really like bad boys. It’s a myth. Why men believe stupid
    things like that, I don’t know. I sure don’t like ’em. Also, men seem to
    always lump all women into they ALL like this or they are All like that,
    etc. We are not ALL alike. Just because you might meet some that seem to be
    the same, it don’t mean we ALL are. It’s like anything else. There is some
    of everything out there. Some bad apples spoil it for the rest of us.

  • D119heavy 2 years ago

    bein a thug means never havin to say sorry

  • uploader1010 2 years ago


  • Johnkarnias 2 years ago

    you must have every chick you want dude 😛 😀

  • bajaflo 2 years ago

    my hero!!

  • Errol246 2 years ago

    @kyke00 The women who DO like bad boys usually aren’t looking for anything
    serious, even though they might convince you that they are, and suffer from
    horrible past experiences. These women will usually let you down one way or
    another and make you believe that they are everything you’ve been looking
    for and they make all men desperate enough fall down on their knees as
    obedient servants. I find these women rather unattractive. Get to know the
    person before anything else. Goes for both sexes.

  • mudflaps1234 2 years ago

    arkady, Big ? for you, What about saying “excuse me” when approching a
    women? Other videos state it portrays weeknees ect. any response would be
    appreciated. love the videos

  • E Lyn 2 years ago

    A man who is able to apologize is extremely attractive. If you apologize, a
    woman should politely accept your apology and MOVE ON. Don’t bring his
    mistake up again later and try to elicit guilt. Watch out for women who
    want a man to feel guilty all the time. She is a control freak and you must
    distance yourself immediately.

  • D119heavy 2 years ago

    @ladybluluv You imply that men are stupid for believing generalizations
    like women like assholes — the gist of your comment seems to be that men
    are stupid for generalizing. It’s funny because you make huge
    generalizations yourself. Not ALL men believe these things. Still, I have
    observed a large percentage of young women who love being treated like shit
    by guys like me, or at least they come back again and again for it so it
    seems they love it.

  • poemr1 2 years ago

    @tneveoj It didnt take long for us to get back together. You’ve just got to
    know how to deal with the situation. Learn by watching this video =>

  • trayas22 2 years ago

    Like if u are late for a date say “sorry I’m late, that’s not cool” shows u
    respect her and are considerate of her feelings. Plus the “that’s not cool”
    but shows u are moral and know being late isn’t a good thing to be.