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Always pay on the first day. Don't try to serenade her if you can't sing. Oh, and if you can make Del Taco seem romantic, you've got a good thing going. Anna…



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  • Brenden Funes 4 years ago


  • Brenden Funes 4 years ago

    She’s my celebrity crush 3

  • Jake. C 4 years ago

    so fucking perfect love the artist stelios phili
    she is the hottest person i have seen

  • Jo Proud 4 years ago

    the music had me bumpin though

  • Dave Brouillette 4 years ago

    FOR any one who likes this video for Anna Kendrick AND THE BEAT……. HERE IS THE LINK FOR THE BEAT!!
    soundcloud dott commmmmm /steliosphili

    its “anna”

  • ckystunts 4 years ago

    Wow she’s cute

  • gdpone0101 4 years ago

    Like I care what you think. Maybe if you weren’t slooting yourself out for your looks I might have a higher opinion of you. Then you want to talk about judgement on when a man offers to pay for the food.  How about you fix your own judgements and decisions when your means of getting through life is based only upon your looks and not the merit of your character or intelligence. P.S. You don’t want to pay for date meals, you can thank feminism. You’re finally equals.

  • angeelove 4 years ago

    That beat ***

  • angeelove 4 years ago

    That best!

  • ibanezsp7 4 years ago

    haha word me too

    song name: stelios phili – “anna”

  • ibanezsp7 4 years ago

    same! it’s called “anna” by stelios phili

  • ibanezsp7 4 years ago

    anna by stelios phili, google his soundcloud

  • Novakira Sato 4 years ago

    Hahaha. She just convinced half of you into spending your money on countless dates.

    “If you don’t pay, you get no lovin’ tonight” –Way to make women out as being essentialist prostitutes, Anna. LoL. Technically she didn’t say anything that bad, it’s just she directed the gesture to males only. Also, serenades are the worst.

    PS: The guys here really like borderline skeletal women XD

  • makeitrain47 4 years ago

    She’s got kind of a Tina Fey thing going on. Sort of a geeky/sexy mix. Me like.

  • Dave Brouillette 4 years ago

    did you find it? cause i am doing the same thing and cant find

  • Paul Darius 4 years ago

    i looked this up just for the beat

  • Dave Brouillette 4 years ago

    She’s from Maine too.

  • tracy cook 4 years ago

    plain jane

  • mylovefromdevika 4 years ago

    ♬☀☆♥ ☜★☞ ♥☆☀♬

  • alan keith 4 years ago

    something is wrong… too much clothes

  • kuztro02 4 years ago


  • snooter711 4 years ago

    it says at the end of the video

  • JoshyPlays MC 4 years ago

    She sooooooooooo beautiful

  • Travez Ward 4 years ago

    Whats that song called

  • Extr4cocopuffs 4 years ago

    Damn Anna! How can one girl be so damn sexy?!

  • Paul Bernstein 4 years ago

    soundcloud. com/steliosphili/tracks

  • bobndroppy 4 years ago

    where can I listen to listen to this song

  • TheArViEx 4 years ago


  • TheArViEx 4 years ago

    Seriously: she’s one of the cutest humans i’ve ever seen

  • Daniel Aguero 4 years ago

    Why is she so cute! It’s unbearable.

  • Jake. C 4 years ago

    i like the background music