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This is Daria German again and once more together with AnastasiaDate here is another video where you can learn everything there is to know about internationa…



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  • Ronan EA 4 years ago

    If russian women are just like you… then be it… xD

  • jono444jpjp 4 years ago

    Very good advice. Can you do some more videos.

  • WAFFENSS69 4 years ago


  • swwiss 4 years ago

    oh you would Dump this ass for sure

  • lykos30 4 years ago

    Blow Me Baby…… 😀

  • m3nidiatis 4 years ago

    time for MASTURBATION!!!!

  • malpensa26 4 years ago

    look at the size of those roses

  • TheJohnnyrosko 4 years ago

    wait, wait.. so where is my first date with daria german?

  • FishBowl911 4 years ago

    I only ask out for sex. No date no nothing. Simple as that.

  • ray keegan 4 years ago

    i was talking to a russian the other day i as not logged in so she could not get my email i got hers but she never got my email address how would i get it now

  • Fillip Greys 4 years ago

    In American the blokes ask women out for dinner, in Russia the guys ask her out for breakfast, in London I am them out for the weekend )

  • Andrew Bezzina 4 years ago

    where can I see this chick naked?

  • Alex Piterson 4 years ago

    If my ex-girlfriend was more like this girl, I probably would not have dumped her as!

  • Harry Winston 4 years ago

    This advice is boring to begin with! It is all common sense! Guys aren’t that stupid!!

  • delevero2 4 years ago

    I have been both to Kiev/moscow/odessa/kharkov, …My best advice is to tell the lady that this is the first visit to her city. Ask if she can find a nice resturant for your very first meeting. My best advice when going on a date is to talk to your assigned translator and agree that girl/transl. come and pick you up in a taxi at your hotel, and then together go to the resturant, since it can be difficult to find the place you meet in a “new city”. Remember 3 roses for the meeting.

  • Jean-Louis Blackburn 4 years ago

    Depends on the girl. Russia is larger than the US and has many types of personalities.

  • DancingSpiderman 4 years ago

    Hey Josh… nice thumbnail

  • DancingSpiderman 4 years ago

    You have to pardon Filip… he’s a Grey… an ET… he’s not from Earth… he does not know…

  • DancingSpiderman 4 years ago

    Good Gosh… Daria in one Beautiful woman.  She OOZES sexy classy Beauty.

  • Benwade90 4 years ago

    Goddamn, that accent. I wouldn’t care what she looks like if she sounds like that.

  • Serpentaria 4 years ago

    I met this girl from Russia “Anastasia” at a local club here in the states. Super sweet, super beautiful, I will never forget that night <3

  • Harry Winston 4 years ago

    ADVICE?!!? omg
    the useless thing I ever heard

  • AskAnastasiaDate 4 years ago


  • AskAnastasiaDate 4 years ago

    In my first videos I mentioned that I’ll be calling those ladies “Russian” as they have the same mentality and background)

  • AskAnastasiaDate 4 years ago

    Andy, we really like to look nice-as I told you we don’t save money on our beauty) but materialism is totally different matter-if she has enough for the salons, she probably wont ask her to buy a football team)

  • Denil Alva 4 years ago

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  • Andy Fromm 4 years ago

    Are Russian ladies high maintenance? For example, they look like they spend a lot of time and money trying to look good and I am not complaining about that cause some are just really beautiful. My concern however is that if you spend so much time trying to look so good that you might be materialistic? Has anyone noticed that or is it just me? I am not sure who is worse – American ladies or Russian/Ukrainian ones? It would be great if Daria comment!

  • gunloc26 4 years ago

    I call bullshit…

  • Fillip Greys 4 years ago

    The fountain in the center of Odessa is a really cool place to hang out. It seems to be really a popular place to hang out and sit and talk. It is also interesting to do some people watching there as you can observe how different locals behave and interact with each other. I have been to Odessa a few times and I always have enjoyed it.
    Why does Daria always refer to Russian wife? I don’t think Ukrainians would like to be called Russian, right?!)