Added by on December 9, 2013 Engineers are a special breed of people, and therefore careful consideration must me made on their parts throughout the dati…



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  • Arthur Baronov 4 years ago

    As hilarious as this is, most of it is incredibly true. I can actually say
    I learned a lot from watching this.

  • Jordan McElligott 4 years ago

    Haha I am bigfoot! lol

  • khomatmibro 4 years ago

    A pole dancer. Quality material brah, you should totally be jealous…

  • A Sam 4 years ago

    My weird friend managed to make the hottest pole dancer there is in my town
    fall in love with him because he cheated by using the Cupid Love System
    (search in Google). It’s bad but I wish I was happy for him but I dream a
    nice-looking person would fall for me like that. I’m incredibly jealous.
    Does that make me a bad person?

  • Naz Kam 4 years ago

    contrary to the society’s view, i think more girls are attracted to

  • root silingsi 4 years ago

    i LIKE this Video…

  • 88GODZORA88 4 years ago

    Love this guy’s humor haha! Refreshing, quirky take on dating from an
    engineers perspective.

  • yeleriv 4 years ago

    same here! i find it funny!

  • Brimonk15 4 years ago

    I have a feeling that diet coke is the drink of engineers… Just a

  • branfeather 4 years ago

    I am a girl, and I would love it if my date showed up in one of those types
    of shirts. I wear them too.

  • Malik Bibek 4 years ago

    Life sucks. My buddy has begun dating a stunning young woman mainly because
    8 weeks back he signed up to a site called Master Attraction (Google it if
    you want to learn more.) I’m so envious since I wish to fall madly in love
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    How do you improve that fast? His lady’s like a model!

  • Rishi patel 4 years ago

    bet you his wife has banged hundrreds of alphas in skool

  • Rishi patel 4 years ago

    fuckin chump lol

  • nnnning 4 years ago

    lol don’t say Higg Boson, totally true

  • CommanderKickass27 4 years ago

    Too bad you don’t have a sense of humor

  • Ana Arias 4 years ago

    I’m a female engineer too! I love how we are considered mythical creatures

  • Alessandra Grosso 4 years ago

    I am a mechanical engineer and I am a woman jerk

  • Refilwe FiFi 4 years ago

    sexist comment is fucked!! its still funny

  • Mouser Electronics 4 years ago

    Going out with your #Valentine this Thursday? Check out “An #Engineer’s
    Guide to #Dating”

  • Jeremy Block 4 years ago

    LOL……Sound advice!!

    An Engineer’s Guide to Dating, by “An Engineering Mind”

  • Michael Mittner 4 years ago

    Sounds good.

  • Shah Auckburaully 4 years ago
  • Kyle Gibb 4 years ago

    ‎”When it comes to dinner conversation, think about topics you really
    enjoy… and then talk about something else.”

  • Joshua M. 4 years ago

    He Goes So Hard :’D

  • jellovendigar 4 years ago

    Big lolz. “When it comes to dinner conversation. Think about topics you
    really enjoy. And then talk about something else!” 2:04

  • prowerf0x 4 years ago

    This is a terrible message for an outdated stereotype.

  • marain21 4 years ago

    As a female engineer, I wonder why we are put in the same context as
    “Hypothetically, there’s Bigfoot too.” Sigh, its like being called a
    mythical creature which has happened to me.

  • igoronline 4 years ago

    wow! my first succesful date was at the movies…

  • secularamerican1993 4 years ago

    So what? you want a cookie?

  • canef3ar 4 years ago

    whats a woman? i forgot

  • steelmesh 4 years ago

    If you’re an engineer, you’re better off smoking a joint and rolling with

  • MsPhysicsChick 4 years ago

    WOW I was totally loving your videos until u insulted Women Nerds yes we
    are out there and guess what we are the BEST women for fellow engineers
    cause we love the same thing the rest of the Male Nerds do- a future female

  • Ryan Kemmer 4 years ago

    This is true

  • stef maz 4 years ago

    Think about topics that you really enjoy… and then talk about something
    else… Soooo true…

  • роберто М 4 years ago

    @The3rdPlateau great comment.

  • Anteaterdance 4 years ago

    I like all the opposites of what he said. I like my engineers XD

  • LuvPuppy999 4 years ago

    all the adult women in my family are engineers lol

  • yost28 4 years ago

    In all honesty I think girls love nerdy guys. Just act confident and
    decisive like you are in math class and you’ll do fine.

  • MrSayier 4 years ago

    In my engineering class of 50 or so we have 2 traditional female engineers
    and then 1 engineer that is the wife of one of the professors. 4% isn’t
    exactly a number to write home about. Female engineers might be a little
    more common then bigfoot but the fuss that some people here are making and
    you would think the major was a 50/50 split.

  • MrTetris88 4 years ago

    I dont get it. Why cant she date a ‘non’ engineeer. Also what is ‘none’? im
    not sure your an engineer.

  • dicksonaaron 4 years ago

    bro…if your a engineer you would make enough to get any chick