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Looking for some first date advice? In this video Alanna Saskia from Take Me Out offers up her top 5 dating tips for guys – from what to talk about to what g…



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  • SupermarketsRevil 4 years ago

    What the fuck kind of country is Gambia? The McDonalds down the road from me has more money than your entire country.

    Also, it’s spelt ‘cliche’ you god damned third world scum.

  • RudeComment 4 years ago

    ,,,and had an adequate supply of condoms, if she wants to fuck,, pass the buck.

  • RudeComment 4 years ago

    0:20 fag faced negro is always important for white women to date, I love the British accents mixed with the American yuppie insinuations, so clashay.

  • فضه البغلي 4 years ago

    I wouldn’t mind gifts on the 1st date … I wouldn’t mind gifts from anyone at anytime actually

  • dsale38 4 years ago

    rtfgvqawwcv. oik wiy.deqd.eniopkojb.42yqty iqah.lllluhf ii w

  • jonicoalova 4 years ago

    no me gusto

  • bez2k 4 years ago

    number 6 – take acting classes

  • ludvik villas myhra 4 years ago

    It dosent work damned

  • nachtrauch 4 years ago

    Avoid banter?? I got a bunch of good laughs with banter.
    Well, i didn’t get laid….but i got real good laughs!

  • rubelahmed2014 4 years ago


  • Stefan Leggott 4 years ago

    These are only Alanna’s views. Course it doesn’t work for everyone so pipe the F down trying to be ‘clever’.

  • cornjobb 4 years ago

    make sure the bitch pays for half

  • Hon so 4 years ago

    Lies dammit!!! She speaks only lies!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • internetmasterpieces 4 years ago

    These “advices” are so sterile, boring and stereotypical. You can’t apply them to every human being. We are much more diverse and complicated than that. This video mostly represents personal tastes of one girl from a particular social group. And while being nice and gentle with the girl is always a good thing, the other things may differ dramatically. This oversimplified version of human relationships is probably how aliens may see us.

  • annabel jane 4 years ago

    it is bullshit. all first dates ive been on we’ve text on literally on our way home, and they’ve all turned out to be good long term relationships.

  • TheElMuffin 4 years ago

    I’ve always wondered if extras in the background or actors with music overlayed are actually talking about something or just miming a conversation.

  • MuffinsAPlenty 4 years ago

    1) BE AGENT.

    Well, I’m no James Bond. Guess I’ll never get a girl.

  • DopeSoundKokane 4 years ago

    What a dog

  • 龍 曹 4 years ago


  • B4TT3RY . 4 years ago

    open your own car door you lazy bitch

  • Mitsukakex 4 years ago

    you say you like him then touch him on the penis!

  • disarmsox 4 years ago

    What about the bit where you leave it 1-3 days before texting? Or does that part of your bullshit advice only apply to women?