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  • pustebluemchen79 4 years ago

    i can´t help it, whenever I am watching his vids there is a b r i g h t  smile on my face 🙂

  • TheWarrior1611 4 years ago


  • TheWarrior1611 4 years ago

    How would going to a baseball game be for a first day?

  • IreneFelton 4 years ago

    is she just asking those questions as an interviewer or is that not a wedding band?

  • yasir affridi 4 years ago

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  • MoviesYourWay 4 years ago

    I find his advices very useful and very real too. Now I need to meet the guy!

  • mctorny 4 years ago

    If on a traditional first date….the guy paid for dinner.. would it be ok for a girl to offer buying him coffee after?

  • cupcakeslurp55 4 years ago

    He’s hot, and he makes sense, all I need in life. <3