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For the simple cost of your immortal soul, you too can find love! –Interact with us!– ⏩Subscribe: ⏩Twitter:…



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  • brandon zuniga 3 years ago

    Do you have any room for my mii sage

  • Sagemaster15 3 years ago

    Kent offers dating services, I repeat. He offers dating services. 

  • RandomGirlzStuffz 3 years ago

    *Are you single and depressed? Well, thanks to **KENT’S DATING SERVICE**
    You’ll never be lonely again!!! Order online for **$19.99**!! That’s right,
    order **KENT’S DATING SERVICE** for only **$19.99**!!!!*

  • Zocia Grabowski 3 years ago

    Zack is the new barbie

  • Sam LPS 3 years ago

    check my channel my mii QR code is on there

  • Celia Lou 3 years ago

    give zack an avacado

  • Furryfoxgirl 3 years ago

    Sages Anna’s favorite food is octopus 

  • Scarlett Meakin 3 years ago

    what does Kish look like in real life???

  • iMexicanPenguinz 3 years ago

    Kent is the new eHarmony

  • seagirl921 3 years ago

    Does this mean that “I Hate Love” has no more meaning? ;~;

  • OW Crysis 3 years ago

    Lol I told myself not to go to sleep before I watches ur new upload today,
    so worth stay up till half 2 for >:D

  • Airtastic 3 years ago

    Give zac a avocado 

  • Kazuki Asato 3 years ago

    Will you pleeeeeease play persona 4 golden?

  • Kent Springborn 3 years ago

    See! You change my interior and I no longer curse the island of a loveless
    existence! XD

  • Layne Drew 3 years ago

    Sages. Feed Layne Smores for major voice crack

  • Caleb Shanks 3 years ago

    I need the marble dot shirt

  • Reagan McMahan 3 years ago

    sage plz sign me up no erlier than 9:00PM

  • Princess Rosalina 3 years ago

    I found Joc super all time favorite It”s Honey

  • LegoDarkLucario189 3 years ago

    Sages will the new island start soon?

  • Minecraft girl 3 years ago


  • brandon zuniga 3 years ago

    Hey sage do you have any freinds that want a move in version code which I
    bought with the game tomodachi life ( :

  • Elizangela Gumbe 3 years ago

    Plz don’t ignore me

  • Jonathan Nowicki 3 years ago

    Hey friends!!

  • mrskullboy102 3 years ago

    SAGE PLZ REPLY go on twitter tomorrow and get mr kishs qr code

  • The Pancakez 3 years ago

    Who likes lime green?

    Me…With a hint of neon in it..

  • idonthaveaname l 3 years ago

    So I sent you my new qr code cuz I restarted my island. Please check ur
    email! And are you making a second island? The email still starts with

  • Tina Olsen 3 years ago