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A good boyfriend. How to be a good boyfriend. Tips on how to make girlfriend happy.



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  • RequiumFrost 4 years ago

    heres a though instead of her cheating on you like a slut whore, why doesn’t she just break up with you and go on her way

  • Jerrod 4 years ago

    How Funny!

    When your Partner Cheats its your Falt!

    These concepts have existed for how long like 10 years!

    Whats wrong with people these days!

    Its weather or not a person is decent!

    What kind of heart do you have?

    What kind of person are you..?

    Break up then go out with some one else.. What people have become

  • Tranquil lou 4 years ago

    if ur dating a girl who has 5 doods waiting at the snap of a finger then she is obviously not worth it! women can be so heartless. guys have emotions too. personally, i wouldnt want to date a girl who dates alot of guys.. that means that she is most likely more shallow and picky.. if she finds one imperfection then she will dump the guy. women are so picky and unaccepting compared to men. i guess thats why assholes usually get the hot girls.. cuz most hot girls are assholes themselves!

  • princeheyres 4 years ago

    There is no excuse to cheating. Cheating is fucked up an if your girl or boy can do that to you then they’re not worth it. Dump the bitch. No one should be cheating in the first place. Thats if you truly love each other. Cheating is Fucked up

  • thebesteverxxxxxxx 4 years ago

    Not the truth

  • Jer Welch 4 years ago

    I want to naw on your collar bone

  • Brandon Phan 4 years ago

    Five other guys? Sounds like a slut lol “she” shouldn’t even be considered worthy to be called a girlfriend if any couple has that problem

  • A. K. M. Asif Hussain 4 years ago

    2:11 yeah right girls are crazy, i love the craziness in bed but other than if she always being crazy bit*ch then Hasta La Vista baby… will get a lot like you

  • Ron Rexdale 4 years ago

    Man, I opted not to subscribe after listing to the full video. I think this spot is for average guys. She said every girl has five guys she can call, we so do some guys, those of us who can. In fact, not to brag, but I could call a few of my ex-girlfriends with a man and get her to break up with him by 3pm, in bed with me by 5pm… Hey, you stated your position and I stated mine. Furthermore, for you losers, if you learn what the fuck you are doing you can run shit, without goofy videos…

  • Ron Rexdale 4 years ago

    Now, although jchahine was a real gentleman about his comment, I think it’s time for me to give my take.. I’m here because of your face (and….), I subscribed because I want to fuck you.. Who knows, maybe U’ll drop a fingernail file on the Vegas strip among thousands of people and we just so happen to be in the same spot at the same time and I say hey, your file, and then I say, hey, I subscribed to your Youtube, then you say, hey, let’s go to your room and watch my vids through your channel!

  • Ron Rexdale 4 years ago

    I saw all the likes and automatically assumed you commented on her tits or something else of that nature, but by far this is one of the BEST friggin comments I have ever seen (within context of the vid) on Youtube… Bravo!

  • Tyler Johnson 4 years ago

    Fuck you

  • cantbeon 4 years ago

    You don’t get out much do you?

  • laststop3h 4 years ago

    So bow and scrape and be a serving lap dog to your woman. Got it!

  • LeonDelusion 4 years ago

    The actual problem is that most girls I know won’t tell their problems to the boyfriend. Girls are just going to nag about their problems with their friends, sisters etc. and think that the problem solves itself. After a certain period of time girl changes the boyfriend, because he doesn’t care enough or she starts the WW3 VS boyfriend

    So, if something is bugging you, please speak about it with your partner, the problem won’t solve itself unless you forget about it or your partner reads minds:)

  • Nisal Silva 4 years ago

    can u mail me my email- ii need 2 ask u some questions plzz email me

  • cascadehopsrule 4 years ago

    BINGO! I keep watching her videos because she really doesn’t know what she is talking about, BUT she preaches as if she is the experienced GURU to help others, this makes it PURE COMEDY. Not trying to hate either, she just has more to learn on her own.

  • cascadehopsrule 4 years ago

    It’s the low self esteem she has. She even said herself she has never been single. She should force that on herself and she will actually learn much more about herself. She says the BF is her support system. That doesn’t make any sense. You have to take care of yourself first. Its quite unsettling this chick is trying to help others with the logic bombs, contradictions, conundrums, etc.. she spews. I still think this channel could be a good proxy for her to learn through though.

  • William Ellison 4 years ago

    So true. No man can make you happy. You need to understand how to maintain happiness in your life before you can be happy in a relationship. There is no prince charming that will come and save you.

  • MrPaulzOpinion 4 years ago

    girls may cheat but a woman will respect their man.. I disagree when you say girls will cheat. If the woman is that shallow she can go find another man. The great think about caring for someone is confiding and being a best friend and a lover and having an open line of communication and to be able to talk about anything without getting it thrown in your face at a later date. ciao bella mia

  • magicop42999 4 years ago

    Oh yeah I’m sooooooooooo jealous.

  • cocacolabob 4 years ago

    lol your just pissed cuz you could never have her. shes not my type but shes not a slut. this is how most girls are thinking in there head without you knowing because they feel bad and don’t want to hurt you. that doesn’t make them bad people, its not right or wrong. it is what it is

  • Bruce Zhou 4 years ago

    ha ha, this makes girls sounds like animals… behaving on emotional instincts rather than human reasoning…

  • Nigel Ratcliffe 4 years ago

    the last bitch i went out with i bent over backwards for for 8 years and she still slutted around and fucked me over just lack of respect its all about avoiding this type of girl alltogether

  • Nigel Ratcliffe 4 years ago

    its called being selfish and unfaithful

  • laststop3h 4 years ago

    Lies. Girls want to be treated like shit. Go your own way, boys and don’t spend a dime on these slags.