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If you're an introvert, let us know if you agree with these dating tips!

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  • mikaris01g 2 years ago

    It’s okay, but some of these are a bit off. Don’t think you have to guide
    or pull an introvert out of their “shell”. That’s what you do to shy folks
    that want to interact but just can’t bring themselves to it. Introverts
    aren’t quite like that. The introvert shell or bubble is exactly what they
    LIKE and PREFER, which is different from shy folks. Shy folks WANT to be
    more outgoing but just can’t. Introverts like to be in control of their
    interaction so they can come and go as they please, they’re not afraid of
    it. Trying to control one and guide or lure them into interacting is pushy
    and annoying. They are where they want to be, they don’t need to be guided
    or coerced, THAT actually turns them off more and is very invasive and off

    Just make the information known, and they will make their choice as to how
    they’ll interact. Respect that, and you’ll be good.

    But good tip on the group texts, nothing worse than thinking you’re going
    to have one on one time, and then you show up and the person surprised you
    by inviting 10 other people, that’s no good at all. Let an introvert know
    all the info so they can make their choices with proper knowledge. Never
    try to puppet them though or force interaction by unexpectedly inviting
    others, etc…

  • Reluv 2 years ago

    Here are 8 tips on dating introverts!

  • SpecEfect 2 years ago

    Как я сюда попал ?

  • Angela Morales 2 years ago

    I am an introvert myself and i strongly agree on these tips!

  • Sydney Hofmann 2 years ago

    I love this !!!

  • Cecilia Lee 2 years ago
  • dreamerforever79 2 years ago

    These are good. 🙂 

  • DarkRose Ray 2 years ago

    These are very helpful. From an introvert, extroverts should definitely
    learn these tips.

  • ringoisacandyapple 2 years ago


  • MyLifeStory Luna 2 years ago

    Thank you for very good advice.