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It's not easier dating other women. BRIA & CHRISSY : GIRLFRIENDSTV : Dear St…



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  • AndrewProductionsTV 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t want lesbian parents. Not because I’m homophobic. I just don’t
    want to get stuck in an endless loop of “Go ask your mother.”

  • Lesbian Love 3 years ago


  • alice Merridew 3 years ago

    Um I really think you need to clearfy that you weren’t talking about a
    trans woman. with all the trans info you’ve been hosting it kindaof shocked
    me . It just came off as you saying this person was a guy because they had
    a penis which is incorrect plenty of women , even lesbian women have or
    once had penises and I’m sure you know that. If you meant it was a guy
    catfishing with fake pictures then yeah I’ve had that happen to me before
    it just looked like from the skit with the bad wig and fake big boobs that
    it’s was some kind of drag queen / transexual stereotype and yeah I’m sure
    you didn’t mean for it to come off that way

  • Neil Purcell 3 years ago

    Hah! I knew one of them was going to be “a guy”.

  • edelina lenka 3 years ago

    Yeah I was just about to say the same as satalyte pain. But ive to correct
    him/her on the incorrect pronoun used. Its SHE!! Not he ok!!!
    Anyway… back to the it meant to be a crossdresser?

  • Amber Lilly 3 years ago

    i honestly think its eaiser dating girls (im pansexual)or me not at all
    because there girls but i usualy am friends with them longer because it
    takes awhile to usualy figure out there sexuality 

  • Erik selin 3 years ago

    well for gay guys it can be really rough ’cause pretty much all the dating
    apps is used for sex. you can say that most gay guys are either looking for
    a really long time relationship or they are huge sluts, or some are
    probably both…being a gay man (or a lesbian woman) is a hard thing to be
    in the dating world

  • vidoxi 3 years ago

    Oh god, I can already feel the fury and wrath about to come down on her
    from tumblrites for saying a transgender woman is a man. I’m scared.

  • iamtheSeme 3 years ago

    Do the video on androgynous chicks already!

  • Sanae Mcmurray 3 years ago

    yay GUAM!….though i know many lesbian girls on guam
    are……..really…not what you want

  • emily end 3 years ago

    I’m moving to Guam maybe if I’m lucky I’ll meet her :3

  • Sonia Mishra 3 years ago

    I still think finding a same sex partner is easier than finding an opposite
    sex partner. I’m talking about for actual dating and long term potential.
    The women that I know that seek out or are in Lesbian relationships find
    partners much easier than women that want male partners. When I dated women
    it was easier to meet, hangout, spend time getting to know Lesbian women
    than it has ever been doing or attempting to do the same with men. I think
    the saying is true for the majority not all. 

  • CherryChuu 3 years ago

    They specifically said that it was a straight man trying to pick up girls,
    not a trans woman! Some guys go on lesbian dating sites to see if they can
    score a girl. Sometimes they have that mentality of “oh, I’m gonna make her
    straight” or sometimes they may hope to score a bisexual. A trans woman is
    okay being on a site. A straight guy pretending to be a girl, which is what
    was being portrayed in the video, is not!

  • Goldfiend 3 years ago

    Oh, oh, oh, was this video in response to my comments in the last one? =)

  • Julian Oreki 3 years ago

    lol the “bachelor’s in bilogy” “scientist” thanks for the shout out lol

  • Nick Rayman 3 years ago

    Gah, I find ‘lesbian dating’ all around more difficult. Straight, cis men
    are often easy to read, but every relationship I’ve been in with a woman
    turned out to be some sort of ploy for attention or way to use me. Makes it
    very difficult to know when you’re being caught in a situation like that
    again, especially since I have never had a serious relationship with a
    female, apparently. Especially through dating sites. Eesh.

  • Wesley Pennock 3 years ago

    It isn’t easy being a lesbian…

  • Aneta illusion 3 years ago


  • Vladimir Morar 3 years ago

    There’s one type of old gay daddy and he’s kinda hot but he wants to meet
    you and fuck you until you bleed 

  • Dekkin Derr 3 years ago

    Oh fucks yeah hard, I’ve had the exact same things happen to me on grindr.
    It wasn’t fun because all of the guys I liked never responded while all of
    the other creepy dudes twice my age and every other psycho in my area
    seemed to be the only ones interested. Take my word gay men have it rough
    too :{

  • GabaJaba 3 years ago

    I was in a ldr until my ex decided she didn’t want something serious after
    almost being together for 1.5years.

  • SomethingWitty0 3 years ago

    6 people are bitter straight girls still “swearing off men”. I want to hug
    them & tell them not to give up. :(

  • kirstenxdoll 3 years ago

    your videos are too short :(

  • Jonina Vilvestre 3 years ago

    Yas early comment! Kiss me!

  • Amy Pettera 3 years ago

    Err. . . I’m pretty sure this isn’t what you meant with the straight guy
    one, but it came across as kind of transphobic. Honestly I think it was
    just how you presented it – the whole “pretty girl and then whoa surprise
    penis” thing was kind of. . . no. Maybe you could have just shown a pretty
    girl in the profile pic but then cut to a guy typing at a computer. 

  • Ashley Walker 3 years ago

    ‘Seriosly who the fuck let him on here?’
    One of the shitty things about being transgender female, is that gender and
    sexual preference are separate. I am a transgender woman, i like woman. i
    don’t understand why it is such a hard thing the wrap your heads around
    since you in fact like women too. Gender and sexual preference fall on a
    scale, each of them.
    I can tell you how much ive sacrificed to be authentically me. freinds,
    family, jobs, housing, and years of my time on hormones so i could feel
    more like me, and you. I gave up all male privileges, I love #yesallwomen.
    i love feminism and equality. Im running for trans rep of the university.
    Yet you cant trust that im not some guy in a skirt?
    Why don’t we deserve to meet anyone? date anyone? have these experiences
    with? accident of birth? I refuse to believe the world is cold enough for

  • Seth Erebos 3 years ago

    The straight guy on the lesbian site made me realize more on the quote when
    you said #allwomen You said they still respect a guy more so then they do
    your female partner. That is just an example right there, like really, for
    real, WTF?

  • Caleb Bower 3 years ago

    Are you telling me there is straight cis men posing as lesbians on dating
    sites cause what the actual fuck is that….

  • Christina Yonley 3 years ago

    This is too accurate lol 

  • Keiko Fontana 3 years ago

    Ended up dating my best friend of 2 years when she confessed she loved me.
    Weve been together ever since :3

  • Hannah Gander 3 years ago

    The girls that I have been with briefly were so much easier
    (relationship-wise, I’m not calling the girls easy!) than the guys I’ve
    dated because they were laid back and didn’t get clingy.
    …they also didn’t smash their faces into mine when we kissed like all of
    the guys I’ve dated…

  • ally tsuji 3 years ago

    You fucking suck i cant believe you say guam is fuck especially since i
    live in Guam 

  • Micaela Rose 3 years ago

    I have a problem with the “one who is actually a guy” and saying that “you
    find out she has a penis because she is actually a he” I get what you’re
    saying about a guy pretending to be a girl but the way that it is said
    comes across as transphobic since a girl could have a penis.