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  • FLAMA 3 years ago

    Awkward Kids ask the tough questions in their new Flama vid – “6 Online
    Dating Rules for Girls”

  • Awkward Kids 3 years ago

    We will be selling our Nipple Bedazzling kit soon on Craigslist! Stay
    tuned, all you nipple dazzlers out there! ;)

  • Showtyme951 3 years ago

    The million dollars question??? Are any of you single?

  • Danielle Hull 3 years ago

    Great advise…but, I’m an introvert and I like deep meaningful convos…I
    love to talk about the topics you said not to…

  • Yashilicious4 3 years ago

    I am so unsubscribing this bullshit!! The girls in the middle talks like a

  • Personally, I would love a bf with a cat.. or two.. or more! :D

  • worldofwars1993 3 years ago

    I REALLY don’t like how her boobs are sagging like that….

  • Steve Raymond 3 years ago

    that’s funny

  • XxUnSt0paBleXx 3 years ago

    That girls tits had an argument 

  • Nicklas Saxe 3 years ago

    is this how fucked up woman have become?

  • George Butler 3 years ago

    Ladies, please disregard these trolls. <3

  • balle pelle 3 years ago

    this is just so lame. I’m excused

  • rokershake 3 years ago

    Its an oke video but ehmm……did the one in the midle have no bra on 

  • Hector Ortiz 3 years ago

    No cats this sucks

  • Alexandre Martins 3 years ago

    This girls videos = what the f lol
    Not saying bad btw ;b

  • rgbii 3 years ago

    Great. Had a dog and a cat, but the dog died, so now I’m screwed. Wait,
    it’s an outdoor cat, so I’m still good, right? Right?

  • felix gallardo 3 years ago

    hey whats wrong with dating fiddy year old guys? the girl on the left looks
    like she needs to brush that grill outdoors in the wild.

  • Kyri Rayfield 3 years ago

    The left one tho….

  • Martin Jensen 3 years ago

    List of what’s ok for girls to do, but if a man do it they sethemselfe and
    no one likes that

  • IAmPatientCero 3 years ago

    LOL yet the first three things they say to avoid are the things most women
    in online dating respond too or even ask about! :irony:

  • lordcoyote2000 3 years ago

    Great job guys! You all look pretty and in between the comedy bits, some
    very good advice.

  • Ka'imi'loa B. 3 years ago

    Christiann, Lord have mercy! …..[[speechless]]

  • Leonard Bune 3 years ago

    My cat lives in the garage. Does that count? Do I have to kick him out of
    the garage? … is starting to smell like rotted rat remains and
    piss. (Rotted Rat Remains is another good band name)

  • mrpapaya25 3 years ago

    Rules for guys #1don’t go out with girls like them that pretty much all the

  • m7starzz 3 years ago

    Good Advice Thank u :)