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Here are 6 first date tips. Use them wisely. Subscribe for more videos like this: Check us out on Justin's channel:…



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  • jasonhorton 3 years ago

    Here are 6 first date tips. Use them wisely. 

  • arsviatticae 3 years ago

    Naught helps if you’re a dork like me.

  • Justin James Hughes 3 years ago

    This is SO good. You should do every video with that guy. 

  • TeQuiroLaMusica666 3 years ago

    Actually… pretty solid advice. Back to basics, some stuff everyone needs
    a refresher course on.

    I believe in the “whoever asks for a date, pays for the date” rule as well,
    but I had the misfortune of seeing a guy who abused that. This past summer,
    I asked out this guy and insisted that I pay for the first date since I
    asked HIM out. Literally every other time we went out, be it dinner and a
    movie or even just for coffee, it was impossible to even get him to so much
    as split the bill with me. Even when I broke it off two months later, I
    didn’t have to cahooties to tell him that he is stingy. I feel like it was
    my fault but it was my first actual relationship and being so naive, I
    didn’t know what to do.

    Maybe advice geared for girls, too?

  • jonathan owen 3 years ago

    I agree with them all except the Facebook one. I feel people can share a
    true wireless connection even if 1 of them happens to be professional tease
    and the other an ambitious veteran (a hyuk hyuk) hell, even Sandra Bullock
    married a friggin truck driver lol

  • pjnkblue 3 years ago

    I have a rule, kinda for myself, if i’m interested in and have certain
    expectations in the guy, i will let him pay. If not, i will pay, at least
    for my oder.

  • John Dickson 3 years ago

    Great advice! The text after the date is like her way of saying “you were
    worth putting up with” lol 

  • YTFlove4ever 3 years ago

    What happened to just being yourself?

  • Grace Summerson 3 years ago

    I think the guy should almost always pay in the beinning of dating, but the
    girl should always offer!

  • Vlad Amariei 3 years ago

    second !!!

  • sam133sam 3 years ago

    if someone wanted to use these tips on a date with me that would be cool..

  • Sarah Currah 3 years ago

    As far as paying my boyfriend and I usually say who ever proposes the date
    pays. Also, going out for brunch for a first date is super cute 

  • nadia shimkute 3 years ago

    Jussssstiiiin u are sooooo cuuute.

  • lordcoyote2000 3 years ago

    A lot of good advice in this video. Would you ever consider doing a variant
    of this, “How to make a genuine and good impression when meeting successful
    YouTubers at conventions”?

  • Fuad Qaddourrah 3 years ago

    Jason!! Awesome video as always!! One question though? I am Caadian, so I
    have always wondered,,, are you related to Tim Horton?? >> lol

  • Jeff Williams 3 years ago

    I burst into tears of laughter at the beginning when you called yourself
    super racist LOL. But seriously, You guys were right on about the dating
    scene. I’m all about taking them to a bar on the first date, I actually try
    to find a place that has a live band, or it’s Karoke. Just someplace where
    there’s something going on. Not just take them to a bar, But You guys were
    perfect. Awesome job on advice

  • ActionOverWordz 3 years ago

    If they don’t have a MySpace account we cant be together. :)

  • Lanndis De Lallo 3 years ago

    The thirst is real

  • ActionOverWordz 3 years ago

    I take all my dating advise from Jason on youtube. Wink.

  • captnl3ming 3 years ago

    Apparently bowling is a good first date. 

  • NylaDDK 3 years ago


  • maria brown 3 years ago

    He looks a bit like liam payne

  • Moore Babie 3 years ago

    I have always found that I can get a second date if I just be up front with
    her by letting her know that if she agrees to go out on a second date with
    me I will untie her and let her take the gag ball out of her mouth.

  • Jessica Dawson 3 years ago

    the guy always pays… i think that’s right :D