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  • kkok96 2 years ago

    I can’t even flirt. When I like a guy. I will 100% ignore them…like the
    don’t exist. I get too nervious to even look at them because I feel like I
    have no chance with them, or they might hate me ( and I rather have a guy i
    like not know me at all, then to hate me). So, my advice to guys who like
    girls that ignore them, actaully make a move and try to talk to them, even
    if we reject you becuase their are a lot of girls like me who ignore their
    crushes out of fear of being rejected. I know girls are stupidly
    complicated, but that’s just the way it is. 

  • JonDecagon 2 years ago

    I would have no experience of this. I am fugly and awkward. No really, I
    hate myself.

  • pie189 2 years ago

    I hate hat taking, “give me my fedora back bitch, it was $80 and has a rare
    bird feather on it, this is the only thing that can protect me from god.
    You have no idea how much euphoria I have experienced.”

  • Marshmallow Moo 2 years ago

    Men are confusing too. I don’t know how many times guys have asked me to
    “hang out” and then they try to have sex with me. Like wtf I thought we
    were playing video games and eating pizza. You said “hang out” not “have
    sex.” Women aren’t any more confusing than men are. 

  • BinkieMcFartnuggets 2 years ago

    When a girl is like “Leave me alone or I’m calling the cops” that always
    confuses me. Obviously you care about me if you’re giving me a choice.

  • Kur Norock 2 years ago

    No wonder i don’t find women confusing. None of these things has ever
    happened to me.


  • Kameryn Cherry 2 years ago

    1 problem. I’m terrible at flirting…I honesty don’t know how to flirt I
    just kinda say hi and run away 

  • RainAngel111 2 years ago

    guilty of the hat one.

    You guys, it’s because your messy hat hair looks so sexy!

  • Philip Jones 2 years ago

    I don’t mind them taking my hat. It just that my hairpiece often goes with

  • JoanneB 2 years ago

    I am incapable of flirting. When I like someone I ignore him. On the other
    hand I have no issue with talking to guys I dont find attractive, I turn
    into a “buddy”, I drink beer, play video games…even though I am usually
    very girly, I like wearing dresses and heels, I work for a cosmetics
    firm….But when I like a guy…I just freeze, I get so shy, I cant even
    smile at him :(

  • Malia Shoupe 2 years ago

    Let’s break down female flirting.
    Taking your hat: she’s inviting you to chase after her. It’s a coy was of
    saying come and get me.
    Playfully hitting: a subtle way of initiating physical contact. At this
    point she would not be opposed to you brushing her hair back behind her ear
    or something small like that.
    Patting your head: another subtle way of initiating contact. plus a lot of
    girls love running their fingers through a guys hair. it’s a great feeling.
    Nicknames: she’s trying to be cute and innocent. feel free to give her a
    cute nickname in return (i personally find this one weird. I can play
    innocent, but nicknames feel childish. that’s just me though)
    Lunch: this can go either way. either she’s trying to tell you that you
    should stay friends, or she’s testing the waters to see how you would be as
    a long-term boyfriend.

    Any other women feel free to chime in with your own flirting techniques.

  • Stephy Sarabia 2 years ago

    If she’s finding excuses to touch you then shes into you. The hat thing is
    like a subtle way to touch you. The “lunch” thing is a way of asking you
    out in a way that doesn’t make it seem like she’s coming on too strong.

  • LucidlyJackie 2 years ago

    About “lunch” (obviously speaking for myself here)
    I take a very long time to trust people in general, even more so with guys.
    I’m a freshman in college, and one in four women are sexually assaulted
    during their time in college. “Lunch” is during the day, usually in amore
    public place, and I feel safer walking home because it’s light. Obviously
    if and when I begin to trust you more, I’d feel more comfortable doing
    other things, but that’s my take on it. It’s like going out for coffee :)

  • grim love 2 years ago

    Holy f••ck there’s like three girls that do this stuff to me at school

  • Frank Lampard Is Jesus 2 years ago

    When you tickle me or poke my pressure points on my sides. I just want to
    punch you, honestly.

  • Alison C 2 years ago

    I have NEVER taken a guys hat off. I just don’t flirt with them if they
    wear one! I can’t stand guys who wear baseball caps at night!!!!!!!!! (It
    is freaking pathetic wearing one at night when it’s dark.) We can’t even
    properly see your face with a cap on. It also makes you look really
    immature and stupid. Just stop wearing them unless you don’t want to burn
    your face at noon!

  • Para Norma 2 years ago

    Aw the ending is so sweet! <3

  • Nut Kase 2 years ago

    Is it sad that being a girl myself that I don’t get these flirty things?
    The hat taking, I don’t do that because it pisses ME off when someone does
    that. The “lunch” thing. That is like mixed symbols. That’s like saying “Oh
    he’s just a friend” and you turn right around and kiss him. When I say
    lunch I mean lunch.

  • Daniel Devora 2 years ago

    I got one, I let this chick wear my sweater all day, we spent all day
    together and at the end of the day she says “awww I love your sweater it
    reminds me of this guy I’m crushing on” I swear if I could slap a chick.

  • Tania Reza 2 years ago

    I do a lot of horse playing like taking your hat, poking your belly,
    hitting (nut a push or a nodge, more like a punch), trying to horseback
    ride every chance i get, pinching cheeks…yup i’m pretty annoying but i
    only do all those things when i really like a guy.

  • Ayanna М 2 years ago

    I hate when people take other people’s hats off idk it just pisses me off 

  • MaddiRoseCook 2 years ago

    I do the patting head one and hitting one… not cause I want to be
    annoying, but because I want to touch you… (THAT SOUNDS SO CREEPY). Who
    doesn’t want to play with someone’s hair?

  • swire123 2 years ago

    Why are GIRLS the only ones commenting about having trouble flirting? I
    guess every guy is genetically a copy of the Fonz and my genes skipped a
    beat….ah well…back to practicing voice acting, drawing, and everyone
    else a forever alone artistic male does

  • essennagerry 2 years ago

    Uhhhhh, what he said about lunch… mmmmmkay… I’ll just say if you love
    your heart more than your penis you’d love lunch and you’d brag about it
    like a teenage girl on instagram. Anyway… I’m once again reminded of the
    society we live in.

  • Rachel R 2 years ago

    I do all of these. guys, if a girl is touching you, in general, thats a
    good thing (minus face-to-palm or knee-to-crotch) haha don’t be so
    confused. first you’re swapping hats, calling each other nicknames, then
    you’re playing grab-ass. THERE’S A PROCESS

  • Eisdax 2 years ago

    That’s so true. I LOVE to wrestle with guys, I totally love it when I can
    do with them what I want and they are telling me it’s enough. XD
    The funny thing is, a lot of my ex-boyfriends where scared when I started
    to be more active, loving and crazy than normaly. I still don’t know why.
    It was never a problem when we where friends. XD

  • SupertoastGT 2 years ago

    To chicks watching this: Don’t be afraid to make the first move. Most/many
    guys (including myself) are not so great at this game or are afraid of
    rejection. I allways hear that guys are supposed to make the first move, be
    manly, tough, strong, rip out mighty trees with their bare hands and blah
    blah blah… But that’s just not me. I’d be way too clammed up around a
    chick I liked. Never heard of these flirts before but some of them like
    taking my hat or hitting me wouldn’t feel like a flirt. Maybe something in
    conversation might work better. Just don’t hit them. lol 

  • Straddllw 2 years ago

    Seriously, I can’t flirt and I can’t take a hint and I find most of the
    stuff on this list super annoying. To all the girls who are reading this
    (for the lack of a better expression) “man up” a bit. Those are way too
    ambiguous. I went out with my last girlfriend after she “accidently” held
    my hand. Even somebody as terrible as me in taking hints got that one.

  • Kimberly Marin 2 years ago

    Once, at the end of the date…the guy patted me on the head…
    I still don’t get it
    My friends still laugh at me for this

    It’s like he knighted me friendzoned…

  • TheSunRises 2 years ago

    I’m always hitting. That’s how I show my affection.

  • Kyle Browning 2 years ago

    Look at all these manchildren complaining about how “complicated” women
    are. Maybe if you didn’t call girls sluts and whores for hitting on guys,
    more girls wouldn’t be so subtle about it. So yes, girls not coming on too
    strong is a direct consequence of forcing them to pretend that they’re
    virginal, docile, feminine ladies.