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Exclusive Content @ 5 Things All Men Should Know About Women!! Dating Tips, Relationship Advice, MeerKat Morning Show! In this video series, Meera & Katrina…



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  • PsycheTruth 3 years ago

    5 Things All Men Should Know About Women!! Dating Tips, Relationship
    Advice, MeerKat Morning Show!

  • KoschKoff 3 years ago

    “We” is just a status thing for women to show off with. More often than
    not, it’s about the woman, only about the woman, and all for the woman.

    And if that doesn’t work, the man is easily replaceable. 

  • Seventh Son 3 years ago

    1. If you’re a man, never take relationship advice from women. As in all
    other aspects of life, don’t pay attention to what someone says, pay
    attention to what they do. Everything women tell you is basically “be a
    nice guy, respect women, etc.” But what do women do? They hook up with “bad
    boys” who break every one of the “nice guy” rules. They want “alpha men”
    who give them tingles. Beta behavior turns them off (‘ew you’re all creepy
    and clingy, can we just be friends’), despite the narrative they want to
    sell everyone.

  • Elijah Murray 3 years ago

    What about people with autism like me? 

  • theonefourseven 3 years ago

    women love to talk so you must be prepared to listen even if it is really

  • Dug's Den 3 years ago

    Ladies, this is all well and good, but while you’ve been chatting away, the
    dishes are still in the sink and your man’s dinner aint in the oven yet. So
    much for thinking of ‘we’.

  • theonefourseven 3 years ago

    public displays of affection are really kind of childish and don’t happen
    in long term relationships 

  • demon groove 3 years ago

    5 things women should know about men.

    5. Men know it is virtually impossible to keeps a woman happy.
    4. Men are under the assumption women have brains and can figure shit out.
    Like when he says i’m going to the pool that is a subtle hint. (we learned
    that from you girls)
    3. Men think sharing feelings all the time is selfish and NOT a ”we”
    thing to do.
    2. PDA, is not something men should know about women but a conversation the
    2 people need to have.
    1. Men don’t generally do random acts of romance because when we were 16 we
    were really really sweet but girls laughed at us for being so pathetic so
    we manned up and we’ve never gotten over it. 

  • Cassandra McLean 3 years ago

    This is terrible. Couldn’t get past #5… How about maintaining your
    independence? How about stop being so clingy and demanding? Coupledom
    doesn’t mean your now possess all their time and require a consultation
    before they decide how they want to plan every minute of their lives. It’s
    not romantic or loving to immediately convert to a “we” — it’s codependent
    and disrespectful to your partner. 

  • Triple070007 3 years ago

    All this is cute (girls talking is cute lol), but a guy should be able to
    feel the energy and sense the moods of his girl anyway. If you need to
    explain all this, it might be problematic already! For instance, PDA is so
    dependent on context and energy of the situation, it could never be ruled
    in or out beforehand. Sometimes it’s appropriate to flirt with PDA around
    family, or friends, sometimes it isn’t. And even when it is, the degree and
    kind of PDA that works varies. I’ve never known a girl to turn down PDA of
    exactly the right balance of intensity and noticeability. They always like
    it! lol. And if you’d asked them beforehand, they might say it wouldn’t
    work but that’s because every situation has different energy. But it can’t
    be taught. It just has to do with genuinely knowing how to have fun and
    enjoy the connection without making it about “getting” something. It’s
    always “with” her and never “to” her and you need to be aware of that line.
    So I would be glad to demonstrate with Meera if she wants lol. 

  • anon2300 3 years ago

    This is total BS. If you do what they want you will fall into the friend
    box. What you say is that you want the beta type, when in fact you deeply
    desire the alpha bad boy type. One thing you can learn from women is not to
    get advice from them. Most women want sex but will deny and fight it at
    every level. I’ve seen this time and time again. It’s the ultimate in
    hypocrisy. Another thing about women which is a universal truth is they
    *always* wan’t someone they can’t have. An unavailable man is the most
    attractive to them.

  • opmdevil 3 years ago

    There are two things guys need to know about girls:

    1. Girls have boobies
    2. Girls like to play World of Tanks 24/7.

  • Sam Barrow 3 years ago

    My advice… just be yourself and you’ll attract a like minded partner.

    Place looks aside as these diminish over time but true character lasts the
    test of time.

    These two women initially appear nice and interesting but after just a few
    moments of listening to them I realised I would not want to spend more than
    20 mins in their company.

    I kinda tuned out after the “we” stuff and found myself drifting.

  • SuperUnlawful 3 years ago

    Women typically think of “WE” & men think of “Me.” Disclaimer: Except when
    it’s time to pay for something, pull out chairs, etc… Guys you know the
    rest! Men think Aw Fuck! I got a fucking date & i am taking this woman out
    & i have to spend money on somebody that i’m not sure if i will even LIKE.
    Damn! I took 5 woman out this week & spent $ 70 bones per date & i do not
    even like anything about them besides the fact that they have tits & ass!
    I could have done better things with my money. I’m such a Dumb Ass Mangina!

  • AngryPenguin27 3 years ago

    Taking advice from women about women is a terrible mistake. What women
    rationally say they want and what they emotionally respond to are very
    different. It boils down to the fact that men and women have different
    types of brains and biological instincts. Men seek out one type of woman (a
    sexually attractive one) while women seek out two different types of men (a
    sexually attractive one and a provider). The fact that women seek different
    men at different times in their menstrual cycle means their preferences
    change all the time. This is why a woman will say she wants a nice guy who
    brings flowers while she fucks the bad boy with tattoos and a motorcycle.
    Women want the bad boy’s genes and the nice guy’s resources.

    Men cannot trust women to be reliable sources of information when it comes
    to mating for these reasons. Men must only listen to successful men to
    understand what women *actually* respond to and how to handle their
    frequent mood shifts.

  • mrbouncelol 3 years ago

    If you want to catch a fish do you ask the fish or the fisherman?

  • dhvizsla 3 years ago

    I love these types of videos, I think it’s interesting to know the thought
    process of women! I think these 2 ladies obviously know what women are
    thinking. But when they start to talk about guys and how we think…..Well,
    they are wrong! I’m a guy and when I am dating a girl or in a relationship
    with a girl all I do is think about that girl 24/7!!!!! And I have had a
    lot of friends over the years (I’m 45 years old) and they have all acted
    the same as me with there girl friends! When a guy is into a girl all he
    does is think about her. The “ME and “I” thing is a load of crap! The only
    time the “ME” and “I” thing happens is when people aren’t into each other
    anymore. I don’t know where these two ladies got this from, I suspect they
    may have had a relationship or 2 go bad and this is what they came up

  • nickynooable 3 years ago

    You are both lovely ladies but I don’t understand what you are saying to
    me. What is PDA?

  • MalkathiusRecord 3 years ago

    Great setup for this show! A bit our there but it would be the most awesome
    if PyscheTruth invested in a 4K camera as monitors continue to drop in
    price and become the norm. PT would totally have an edge on that front in

  • Steve Mahy 3 years ago

    Nice video!!

  • Mario Justiniano 3 years ago

    Cute video, but this is a joke. xD Smh

  • Charlie Harper 3 years ago

    both are cute :)

  • ENTENN 3 years ago

    Wow half the video, i went deaf.
    Too complicated shit to understand and deal with.
    How bout you girls be clear about when you want something.

  • cardett75 3 years ago

    women are so complicated, this video is an example

  • aujourd8 3 years ago

    sometimes on youtube I find the comments section to be more enlightening
    and relevant than the video itself

  • LouPremo 3 years ago

    #6: women are crazy

  • David Quintana 3 years ago

    Don’t ever listen to women advice on dating to men. They are projecting not
    analyzing. Be a man they will always be attracted to that. Confident,
    protective, loving and manly. Can’t go wrong there. 

  • mark smith 3 years ago

    Women are moody bitches.

  • Manuel Osornio 3 years ago

    I try all of this with my ex wife and she divorce me. Now I don’t know what
    girls want. Was I wrong? Or she just wanted drama in her life?

  • raymond cole 3 years ago

    you may want to consider long hair styles so that you do not have to fuss
    with your hair all the time

  • sim6699 3 years ago

    This advice is terrible!!
    Girls say they want a nice guy but actually go with the bad boy types who
    don’t follow any of the rules. Follow those rules if you want to be a
    mangina settling down with a women who is run through by many guys and now
    wants to settle down with beta male for his resources until she decided to
    dispose of you. Sad but true!

  • ArcaneInsignia13 3 years ago

    I’m not that thoughtful and I don’t care much unless I feel like there’s a
    way I can change what’s bothering you. I mean really what all that boils
    down to is thinking on a very similar, if not the same, wave length to
    women and sometimes I really don;t want to think that much. Everyone has
    their own problems they have to deal with and I feel like most men will
    usually want women to deal with the ones they want tot share on their own.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but that seems to be the barrier that can’t be broken
    regardless of how much advice is given.

  • Fuck You 4 real! both of you are piece of shit bitches and should shut the
    fuck up, i hate you so much right now..woman are so fucked in the head,
    thinking it’s all about you! just fuck you..i rather stay alone than have a
    bitch like you. who you think you are to say what Man have to do!

  • Steve Smith 3 years ago

    I believe every word you two ladies shared in this video is absolutely
    100% true and all men should learn from this video.

  • Philosophical 3 years ago

    You girls have to much time on your hands.

  • Mohamed Hammour 3 years ago

    Womans have to accept that Men are men and Womans are womans.. Womans have
    to stop whining about this. 

  • Oussama amrani 3 years ago

    Whoever trying to study women is a fool , just smack her butt and treat her
    like a bitch she’ll love it

  • EddyVitkauskasXband 3 years ago

    These girls must only know assholes lol

  • 1222Tonia 3 years ago

    That was painful. 

  • keith mahone 3 years ago

    Wow! These giggly, patronizing bitches are real experts. My turn: FIVE
    THINGS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT MEN: (1) Shut the fuck up! (2) You
    will do exactly what you’re told! (3) You are only happy when you are in my
    complete control! (4) You will question nothing that I say or do! (5) The
    only man you will ever leave me for is one who will beat you even harder!
    (6) [Bonus:] Your best friend that you complain and cry to about me is only
    more turned on every time you describe me to her because she wants a real
    man too. She does not feel pity for you and revulsion for me, as you
    desire, but rather envy towards you and lust for me. She calls you “that
    lucky bitch” behind your back. She fantasizes about you dumping me (as if
    you could ever do that) so she can have a turn with the tiger. She’s been
    working up her nerve to take a shot anyway, sending me surrender signals
    right in front of you. She knows I’ll be fucking her soon. On some level,
    you know it too. But you will pretend it isn’t happening so you can hang on
    to the best thing that ever happened to you in a world full of pussy men.
    Now go cook my fucking dinner, you spoiled little cunt!

  • Nitin Shekhar 3 years ago

    All I heard was, “we are clingy, we talk a lot and pay ATTENTION TO WE”.
    There is so much of “me” in “we”.

  • agent008chico 3 years ago

    Oh no! Thumb’s down from me! What you just explained and, reality are jus
    180 degrees the opposite way after a tornado spin. If this were to be true
    then I would ask what planet are you from. Not trying to be condescending
    but, in my experience and that of my male friends, and some female friends
    all this that you explained is just not accurate. When men do all these
    things for a woman in our generation ( yours and mine) they still get the
    soap and, get taken advantage of their kindness. 

  • marie-elena Waldrip 3 years ago

    Absolutely correct!

  • Liliana R 3 years ago

    Nice video. Some of this information may apply to both. My boyfriend and I
    exchange gifts from time to time, not just him, and also some random acts
    of affection. I do understand what they feel when we speak about our
    feelings. I feel the same way when he talks about his job, lol, but we try
    to work it out. Communication is definitely the key.

  • Tonny Smith 3 years ago

    Vocal fry , why don’t you talk about that Meera? you seem to be an expert
    in the topic. Topic for the next video.