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  • GirlsAskBoys 3 years ago

    New Video Up! 5 Flirting Tips!

  • CTRSarge 3 years ago

    Star looks like gwen stacy in this vid 

  • Myah Tabinga 3 years ago

    Hey wing girls! Well first of all I really like this guy and everyone
    thinks that we would make a good couple. But he said that the reason why he
    won’t ask me out is because my best friend is annoying. He thinks that if
    we do date that she will be with us and annoy us. Second of all I’m a
    competitive gymnast and spend a lot of time with my gym friends they know
    everything that goes on in my life. They all think that the guy I like is a
    jerk and it’s not worth it. But I like him and never met a guy like him
    before. Lastly he said he doesn’t like me but he can talk to me about
    anything and I mean anything (we talked about my period before) he’s really
    nice to me, a guy pushed me before and he pushed the guy that pushed me to
    the ground and flipped at him but doesn’t do that to anyone else. Does that
    mean anything. Thanks❤️

  • The Wing Girls 3 years ago

    New GirlsAskBoys video up! 5 Flirting Tips! 

  • Jericha Stoneheart 3 years ago

    Haha. amazing.

  • studentoflife01 3 years ago

    That whole part about listening was soooo great

  • rockerdriver 3 years ago

    Don’t drink diet soda! You’re better off putting high fructose corn syrup
    in you than some sweetner tested on laboratory rats!

  • j Isaac 3 years ago

    Tip #6 Be a space invader…Bump him with your shoulder or lightly elbow
    him in the ribs and leave it there for a moment…He’ll get the point quick
    enough…The elbow is fun and flirty while the shoulder is more intimate
    and ramps things up a bit more…

  • alex wood 3 years ago

    I gotta show this to my friend! She’s having trouble getting a guy to
    notice that she’s interested.

  • LegendOfDorks 3 years ago

    I think 3 and 4 were mixed up… Hehe

  • CeCe McCormick 3 years ago

    Omg please I need advice!! This guy I have a MAJOR crush on likes me back
    but has a gf.. He said he likes my boobs and is always asking my to send
    “cleavage” pics. He told me I’m like his BFF and asked if we could be
    friends with benefits! I’m 14 and don’t know what to do!! Please I need
    help! (I accidentally said yes?)

  • Gina Tavares 3 years ago

    I like this guy in my class jack. we are best friends I wanna tell him i
    like him. But if he doesn’t like me back we may never be friends again it
    would be so awkward.

    Ps he is soooo cut i just love those blue eyes.

  • luvyallz 3 years ago

    Can you look at my comment on the last video please??

  • Frankiekg 3 years ago

    Luv it x

  • Lea Ayala 3 years ago

    Hi wing girls so I have my first boyfriend and I am almost 13 and he is 13
    and we have been dating for a month and I told both my parents but hes
    afraid to tell his because every time his parents found out he was dating
    someone they made them break up we arent sure what to do please help

  • Nanna Flasnes 3 years ago

    Clip/tip 3 and 4 are opposite :-D

  • MissPrettyLiar01 3 years ago

    Great vid!!!
    love you guys 

  • Shannon Piquet 3 years ago

    Dear girlsaskguys,

    I have a very specific question so I’m not sure if you know the answer to
    reply with or if you even will reply at all. But here’s my question.

    I’m 11 right now and know that the guy that I like isn’t old enough to
    really be into girls right now. But I want to know what age he SHOULD be
    starting to make those signs that he does like me.So I’m and not waiting
    till I am 15 or 16 to wake up and realize that he doesn’t actually like that I don’t you realize at 15 or 16 that I’ve wasted my time with a
    guy that doesn’t actually like me.

    I super hope that you can reply to my question even though I know you’re
    trying your best to reply to all that you can. Please help!!!

    Shannon :-)

  • Gabrielle Walkersrulemyworld 3 years ago

    awesome love you guys! xx

  • Inger Olsen 3 years ago

    Lol you kinda mixed them up… Still funny though

  • Aisha Page 3 years ago

    Love you so much 

  • Nadia Kay 3 years ago

    Lmao 4 & 5 were mixed up haha

  • Angelica Lukauskas 3 years ago

    um i think you mixed up #3 and #4 but other than that great video :)

  • HannahLove 3 years ago

    I NEED HELP so I’m into this guy and he said he likes me but he’s not
    looking for a girlfriend does he really like me or is it a really good
    excuse and I’m also wondering should I bring it back or idk what to do

  • Charlotte Olive 3 years ago

    You guys mixed up the examples for #3 and #4!!!! 

  • Hannah Huff 3 years ago

    I sent my question to you in a PM 🙂 could you answer it plz?

  • TallyYoungblood 3 years ago

    Loved it!! But 3 and 4 got mixed up :’D

  • Mohammed Ben 3 years ago

    jet, star you guys are sooooo funny
    you both really helped me out i love you guys <3

  • andy pena 3 years ago

    Nice vid you guys are so funny :D