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Some super cheap to free ideas for dates 🙂

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Pinterest Fail –
36 Q's to fall in love –
Bad Movies to Watch –
There are like a million lists on date ideas, the biggest list I found is 500 wheew, so if you're still struggling –

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  • muchelleb 2 years ago

    PS You can totally still do all of these with a friend because being single
    is great and friends are also great!! 

  • NakedWithoutMyLippy 2 years ago

    Love Love your videos. I wish I could do more of these date Ideas but the
    weather in Ireland is always pissing rain. A typical Irish date is going
    for a drink…BORING! Plus we don’t have a dating culture haha. My best
    dating experiences have been in Italy. XX 

  • Uchjn 2 years ago

    Awesome ideas, definitely doing some of these with my pals! (Even though I
    have a gf LOOOL oh well) 

  • emilybyeah 2 years ago

    aw I love this so much xoxo 

  • Alexa Sunshine 2 years ago

    totally did paint twister one time! it’s awesome!

  • LifeofFallon 2 years ago

    going to the drive in is seriously so much fun! you have some really good
    ideas I’m going to have to remember these!

  • Wendy P 2 years ago

    THANK YOUUU. Seriously, so much. I found this super helpful.

  • Alicia Bond 2 years ago

    I am so so in love xx

  • Hayley Jewel 2 years ago

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine is literally the best show ahaha that and Bobs Burgers

  • Mawissafayce 2 years ago

    You’re so pretty!! What’s on your lips 

  • audvvee 2 years ago

    Makeup is fab!!! Great vid xx

  • Elizabeth J 2 years ago

    Like this video for the way she said Chicago so cute

  • Valerie Rodriguez 2 years ago

    Pleeeeease do an All About My Nose Piercing vid such as addressing yours,
    how to take care of it, changing jewelry, & all the jazz. Thanks in

  • dazeandamuse 2 years ago

    Yess so many good ideas! Heading out the the museum today so great timing x

  • Scout & Company 2 years ago

    Love this! Such a great list. 

  • Tash Baker 2 years ago

    I legit thought that said cheat date

  • Ellie xoxo 2 years ago

    aha so many gr8 video0o :)) xx

  • Selena Kley 2 years ago

    +Tamesha Wallace 

  • Valerie Rodriguez 2 years ago

    I would most definitely love if you made a nose piercing vid seeing as
    you’re one of the main reasons I got mine done, I’m so impatient to change
    it out to a hoop but I just really wanted to see from your experience
    through a video about it! 🙂 Thanks for replying to my comment btw, it
    means a lot!!!

  • Smile with Mel 2 years ago

    So I’m sorted for the rest of the year 🙂 you definitely should keep these
    in the jar and pick one out every time you can’t think of anything to do xx

  • Fashion At Tiffany's 2 years ago

    Woah so many! All these are awesome ideas

  • Ting Chun 2 years ago

    So lovely! xo